The holidays are fast approaching and that means more shopping is underway. If there’s one thing that has become an essential in our current situation, it’s the face mask and face mask accessories that keep us safe while we go about our ‘new normal’. At this rate, not only have fashionable masks become the latest trend, they are now also a good gifting idea.

Whether you’re in the mood to expand your undoubtedly growing face mask collection or thinking of buying it for someone else, we’ve got the picks for you from Colourful Candy Style via Sift & Pick.

(Product Photos from: Sift & Pick)
Antibacterial Gauze Mask - Stripe

Starting off with a practical design that would fit anyone’s daily wardrobe, this mask, much like the rest of the masks from Colourful Candy Style, is made from gauze with silver ions that help prevent bacteria growth on the fabric. Get it for a set of two.

SGD 19.65

(Product Photos from: Sift & Pick)
Antibacterial Mask Folder - Misty Flower

Keep your masks in good shape and away from bacteria when you need to prop them somewhere while having a meal or you need to take them off for awhile. Simply fold them and keep them in this cute mask folder that's made with certified antibacterial polyester taffeta.

SGD 13.80

(Product Photos from: Sift & Pick)
Antibacterial Mask Case - Kira Kira Ribbon

If you need an extra dose of kawaii in your daily essentials, this mask case in the Kira Kira Ribbon design is right for you. Aside from its cute aesthetics and affordable price tag, it also combines silver ions and antibacterial polyester taffeta in its material to make sure your extra masks remain sanitised and ready to use as you go about your hectic day.

SGD 18.85

(Product Photos from: Sift & Pick)
Antibacterial Kids Mask - Princess

Make wearing masks extra fun for the little princesses in your life with this two-set mask that’s both easy on the eyes and ensures safety with its antibacterial properties that will leave you at ease as you bring your young ones outdoors along with your adventures.

SGD 19.65

Not only are their products stylish, fun-looking, and made specifically to last long and to keep the fabric susceptible to bacteria, they also donate a part of their sales to international NGO Save The Children to support children’s rights to education and quality welfare.

Which ones are you planning to get for the holidays?

Good news for Singapore residents! Candy Colour Stores masks will be available for one month at Sift & Pick Jem Store at Jem shopping mall (#03-52) from 2 December.

(Product photos from: Sift & Pick)