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Known for its striking green hue and intense but non-intimidating flavour, matcha or Japanese green tea powder, is one of today’s biggest global food trends. On Instagram alone, the hashtag for it contains more than five million photos, often showcasing drinks or desserts made with it. But what if we tell you that there are more ways to enjoy this antioxidant-rich and vitamin-enriched brew? Here are must-try matcha recipes that you can easily whip up at home.

Matcha gyoza 

ICYDK, Japanese people love this green tea so much that they have an entire village in Uji, Kyoto dedicated to creating the best version in the country. One of the interesting snacks you’ll only get to taste in that destination? Matcha gyoza. That’s right! If potstickers are your absolute favourite, this dish is a must-try when in Uji. But you'd be glad to know that recreating it at home is quite easy. This recipe from Cookpad, one of the easiest yet tastiest matcha recipes, you'll ever try lays it down. The matcha powder not only gives your gyoza an interesting colour but also adds an extra kick to this beloved dumpling recipe.

Take it to another level: A few minutes before you take your gyoza off the pan, put a small amount of slurry (cornstarch and water mixture) in the spaces between the potstickers along with a teaspoon of sesame oil. This will create crispy ‘wings’ around your gyoza for that added crunch and texture. 

Matcha tiramisu 

Not everyone can handle caffeine like a pro. So if traditional tiramisu with coffee-soaked ladyfingers is not your cup of tea — pun intended — why not make matcha tiramisu instead? The mixture of the sweet mascarpone and the bittersweet taste of the matcha gives the right balance of flavour. Nami of Just One Cookbook shows how to easily recreate this dessert at home.

Take it to another level: If you think you can't make your matcha recipes even 'greener', here's one tip to can elevate this particular treat: add pistachios. Sprinkling them on top or mix them with the mascarpone for another layer of flavour.

Cucumber and matcha soup with buttermilk 

We all know how a good bowl of soup takes comfort food to a whole other level. It’s light, warm and  — depending on the dish — can be appetising or filling. One way to upgrade your soup during this period is to incorporate matcha into your stock. Its earthy flavour will elevate the savoury elements of your simple dish. Don’t believe us? Try this easy cucumber and matcha soup with buttermilk recipe from Fooby and see (or rather taste) it yourself.

Take it to another level: Thinking of making this dish into your full meal rather than an appetiser? Pan-grilled chicken makes for a quick and versatile protein addition that will go well with the dish's contrasting flavours.

No-bake matcha Mille crepe cake 

Celebrating a special occasion but can’t find the right delivery service for a cake of your choice? Aside from heeding our tips on how to make events special during this quarantine period, we say try your hand at making your own cake with this no-bake recipe from Indulge With Mimi. No need to learn extra baking skills with this recipe; you need only to patiently stack up some matcha-infused crepes and dress them up with a smooth and creamy filling for a treat worthy of capping off any occasion (or for eating just because). 

Take it to another level: Many matcha recipes include its use alongside chocolate, strawberry, custard and vanilla. If you’re looking to pump up this particular dessert, adding these various elements to each layer of your crepe cake will add that surprising pop of flavour at every bite.

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