Miyazaki Prefecture Travel Guide: 5 Fun Activities You Can Do During Your Visit | CoolJapan

Rent a mountain close in Nichinan City

King Tourism Japan Mountain

Enjoy uninterrupted fun at this beautiful mountain villa in Koshigasako, Kitago Town. Photo from: King Tourism Japan.

Yes, you read right. You can now rent an entire mountain from King Tourism Japan, a travel and lodging company based in Nichinan City. Adventure seekers craving the great outdoors can now book an entire mountain villa in Koshigasako, Kitago Town. While the Scandinavian-style villa can house up to 10 people, the rental location service is currently limited to one couple per day so you can be assured of extra exclusivity. The two-bedroom compound comes with a real fireplace, an outdoor Japanese-style hot tub as well as a spacious wooden deck that looks out to the rural countryside.

Run with wild horses at Cape Toi

Wild Horses at Cape Toi

Many visitors are drawn to Cape Toi because of the majestic Misaki horses. Photo from: Miyazaki Prefecture

Perched at the southernmost point of Miyazaki, this spectacular spot is the perfect place to get far from the maddening crowd and soak up the beauty of nature. This is where you’ll get up close with a protected indigenous species of a horse called the Misaki horses. Watch as the magnificent beasts graze freely on the wide swathes of grassland. Another key attraction is the Cape Toi Lighthouse, which offers a vantage point overlooking the endless blue skies and vast ocean.

Strike a pose with the Sun Messe Nichinan

You don’t have to travel to South America to catch sight of ancient Moai statues. Standing tall along the Nichinan Coast, these seven stone statues are the only replicas allowed to be made of the originals in the entire world. Each statue is said to represent a particular blessing — from love and career success to good health and wealth. The statues are part of the Sun Messe theme park, which includes a small museum and a few restaurants serving local favourites.

Cross one of the world’s longest suspension footbridges

Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge

Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge. Photo from: Miyazaki Prefecture

Strung out across 250m at 142m up in the air, the Aya Teruha Suspension Bridge is definitely not one for the faint-hearted. Located about 7km from the historic town of Aya, this bridge extends across a valley of evergreen forest and the Aya Minami River. The forest is the largest evergreen forest in the country and is home to several wildlife species indigenous to Japan, including the Japanese Serow (a goat-like antelope). On the other side of the suspension bridge is a scenic 2-km nature trail, where you can enjoy a leisurely trek through the woods.

Eat a traditional Miyazaki feast

Miyazaki is well known for a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes, from comfort food like chicken nanban and hiya-jiru (cold miso soup) to delicacies such as Ise-ebi, a Japanese spiny lobster and Miyazaki beef. 

hiya-jiru dish

Refreshing yet filling hiya-jiru. an ice-cold soup made with ground sesame seeds, miso and cold fish dashi stock.

To try these classic dishes (and more). Check out kaiseiki restaurants such as Toyotama or  Ise-ebi cuisine Taikai. Alternatively, you can book yourself a cooking class on Airbnb Experiences where you’ll learn how to prepare traditional local dishes.