From the esteemed 135 year old Nagai Sake Inc comes the refreshing Mizubasho Artist Series, an exciting trio of sake, each one unique, contemporary and elegant in its own way. Made especially with the modern woman in mind, they are an answer to the growing appetite of discerning female drinkers. The exquisite collection consists of three sakes, a sparkling sake (360ml), a still sake (720ml) and a dessert sake (300ml).

Inspired by the Mizubasho blossoms from Oze National Park, the largest highland marsh in Japan, the label of the series features the eponymous flower, delicately illustrated by the famous artist and actor, Tsurutaro Kataoka. And this Artist Series project is also contributing a portion of it's proceeds to the protection of the Oze natural ecosystem.

Rising from melting snow, Mizubasho blooms are a welcome sight in the beckoning spring, famous in Oze National Park in Gunma Prefecture.

Mizubasho Artist Series Floral Sparkling

The star of the Mizubasho Artist Series is the sparkling sake, so versatile that you can even pair it with spicy or meat dishes. Celebrate the tiny victories (and big ones too) with the sparkling sake, brewed with secondary fermentation in the bottle, producing the fine carbonation found in champagne produced in France. Featuring peach notes and a silky effervescence, this is the bubbly sake to pop to for date night or a Sunday brunch with the girls.

Mizubasho Artist Series Floral Sparkling (360ml)

SGD 50.00

Mizubasho Artist Series Still

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Mizubasho Artist Series Still (720ml)

SGD 60.00

Mizubasho Artist Series Dessert

Mizubasho Artist Series Dessert (300ml)

SGD 35.00

Each of the three sakes is distinct, delicious and balanced on its own, boasting beautiful floral and fruity notes that are not too sweet.

To appeal to a wider audience, Nagai Sake Inc has also done away with animal-based fining agents in its sake and received official vegan certification in 2019, making the well established brewery only the second in Japan to receive it.
The Mizubasho Artist Series ticks all the boxes on the conscious female consumer’s list. Lovingly created with dedicated Japanese craftsmanship and a hint of modern values, this is the modern woman’s drink for any occasion.
There is a special sake bundle set from this series containing three unique sakes. It comes with a free tote bag, which can also be found and purchased on Sakemama online store(  This would be a great gift idea for Mother's Day as well. 
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(Cover and product images from: Sakemama)