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Forget about flying around the world — travel bans have been imposed in most countries anyway — instead, venture into new worlds. And the best part is, you won't need to leave the comfort of your home to do it. All you'll need is a Nintendo Switch and some of the best adventure games playable both on the regular and Lite versions of the console and you're good to go.

Aside from letting us savour the exhilarating experience one gets from travelling, video games also benefit mental and emotional health. Immersing in gameplays through consoles like Switch affords us a respite wherein we can take our mind off of things for a short while — something we greatly need during this isolating pandemic. This psychological escape "helps you relax. It helps you feel like you're mastering challenges and it helps you feel like you have control over your environment — which are four main pieces to help you recover from stress," University of Saskatchewan computer science professor Regan Mandryk said, according to CBC

You see, video games aren't just a mindless past-time fit for kids. So, for starters, in case you haven't yet, grab Nintendo's latest console here. But, if you already have one lying around at home, go right ahead and load these adventure games that will let you explore and unwind right on your couch. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Like in most entries of Nintendo's long-running franchise, in BotW, you get to control Link, a young knight hailing from the fictional kingdom of Hyrule. Here, he awakens from a century-long slumber to help Princess Zelda defeat the monstrous Calamity Ganon before he destroys the land. Before he has yet to attempt that, however, he has to retrieve his memories, free the Divine Beasts, and retrieve his Master Sword. With that premise, you'd think the game would be so action-packed. But with its non-linear open-world gameplay, you get to take a breather and discover new landscapes that are rendered in detailed graphics that are simply breathtaking. So, no pressure — take your time to complete all 120 shrine puzzles while awaiting the release of the sequel.

Perfect for: Curious souls. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's world is incredibly expansive. But even then, the same amount of care to details is given in every nook and cranny of the map. Interact with random stones on the ground, and you might just find yourself a treasure.

Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!

Head off for a nostalgic trip with Pokémon: Let's Go, a remake of the beloved Pokémon Yellow released back in 1998. Re-start your journey with either Pikachu or Eevee and trace the steps you took in your childhood. With your fave starter right on your shoulder, you can once again explore Kanto Region, now in vibrant, high-def graphics. Defeat other trainers and Gym Leaders, all while completing your Pokédex with all of the original 151 Pokémon. What's fun in this re-vamped version is that, instead of battling wild Pokémon, you can simply throw berries to pacify them and catch them with your Poké Balls as you would in Pokémon Go. And the best part? You can play with your friends and have them support you in your journey or battle it out with them by linking online.

Perfect for: Gamers who want some fast-paced action. The mechanics and plot of most Pokémon games are pretty straightforward. If your only goal is to finish the main storyline and not really capture all the creatures out there, then a few days of grind would be enough.

 Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Speaking of Nintendo Switch adventure games, there's, of course, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Released just last March, the game is enjoying its spotlight, offering comfort to those stuck in quarantine and it's obvious why. The fifth main title in the game series provides a literal escape as it opens with your character moving to a deserted island, which you can develop and get friends to visit online. Here, because the life simulation game plays in real-time, you get to do whatever you want whenever you want to. Collect bugs enough to fit a museum, build your own home from scratch, and even design your own clothes that are shareable with others. Animal Crossing is the place to be for the peaceful, slow-paced life you dream of.

Perfect for: Those who enjoy slow-burn games and seeing the world develops as it does in real life. Sure, playing the game requires double the patience, there are times you'd have to wait for the next day to see progress in your home renovations. Still, because of that, the excitement and happiness you get when you finally reach your goal are multiplied too. If you're not into that, well, no one's stopping you from time travelling.


Next, for a game that will leave you with renewed spirits after a session, there's Electronic Art's Fe to try. The game lets you play as the titular character, a fox-like creature who seems to have fallen from the sky. As Fe, you mostly interact with the world by singing and you befriend other creatures who'll help you defend the forest from the hostile Silent Ones. Unlike most action games that give you a specified mission to complete, this one invites you to experiment with the nature-filled ecosystem to progress. With its ambient music that perfectly captures the dark and luminous environment, for sure, this is one of the most calming Nintendo Switch adventure games you'll get to play. 

Perfect for: Casual players looking for a soothing play. Aside from the sound effects, the graphics is such a mesmerising work of art. It doesn't overwhelm you with special effects you'd often find in most action-adventure games.

Moving Out

Lastly, if you're feeling quite restless as you've spent weeks within the same four walls, fulfil your dreams of relocating at long last by playing this newly released video game playable on Nintendo Switch. In Moving Out, you begin as a newly certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician. Alone or with up to three other players, you'll have to take on moving jobs in different spaces — from houses to office spaces, and even from spaceships that are literally out-of-this-world. Grow your business and unlock new landscapes by sorting through tricky physics to complete your tasks. Moving Out is just the ridiculously fun game you need to for some fun with your friends.

Perfect for: Those who love the frantic rush of time-based games. Each job would require you to move out objects within a time frame. You can also replay the task to set a new record, ultimately encouraging your self-improvement and boosting your competitive spirit.

No Switch? Find relaxing games you can play on your phone instead.