Every year, come March, the much-anticipated cherry blossom season gets everyone excited. As pretty cherry blossoms start blooming in the prettiest shades of pink across Japan, Japanese people get prepared to pack picnic baskets full of springtime delicacies for Hanami parties. Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the fleeting beauty of sakura flowers together with friends and family, usually done picnic-style under gorgeous cherry blossom trees.

Unfortunately, many of Japan’s famous cherry blossom festivals have been cancelled and hanami picnic-goers are also discouraged from gathering due to pandemic restrictions. While we keep our hopes high to be able to visit Japan for the spectacular cherry blossom season next year, we can get creative and recreate hanami parties right at home!

Turn on your WIFI and let’s virtually travel to Japan to admire the beautiful cherry blossoms with online experiences such as a live stream broadcast of sakura blossoms all over Japan, 360-degree virtual tours of popular viewing locations and breathtaking 4K aerial drone views of the Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival.

The exquisite range of Sakura products available at JW360 NOMONO.

To complete the real hanami experience, you need authentic Japanese snacks and drinks. 

Do as the locals do and prepare a sumptuous Bento box filled with your favourite Japanese foods and snacks. We have also handpicked some gorgeous sakura-inspired sake specially flown in by JW360 NOMONO for this special event. Just gather your loved ones, roll out a picnic mat in your living room and you are all settled! 

Soryu Japan Wine SAKURA

This Japanese rose wine is the perfect accompaniment for cherry blossom viewing. Blended from "Koshu" (white wine) and "Muscat Bailey A" (red wine), both of which are Japanese grapes, this Sakura-edition rose wine is delicately sweet with delicious fruity notes.  Specks of pure gold leaf are also added to this rosy-hued wine, a luxurious touch that resembles falling cherry blossom petals when you give the bottle a swirl.

SORYU WINERY Japan Rose Wine "SAKURA" with Gold Leaf 375ml Bottle

SGD 42.00

Shirayuri Sakura Wine

Like all things Japanese, this Shirayuri Sakura Wine is almost too pretty to consume. Just look at that cute cherry blossom flower floating in the wine! This delectable rose wine is made by L'orient Wine, a Japanese winery in Yamanashi prefecture that produces high-quality wines influenced by France. Fruity and sweet, this lusciously delicious wine has edible sakura petals that add a delightful floral scent.

L’ORIENT Sakura Rose Wine 500ml Bottle with Edible Cherry Blssom

SGD 40.00

Shirayuri Cherry Wine

Another great wine from L'Orient, which is ideal for a toast during hanami parties is the Shirayuri Cherry Wine. This pinkish rose wine features edible cherries that diffuse a lovely cherry aroma on top of its subtle sweetness. The fruity flavours of this liqueur are also great for dessert-making. Drizzle it on ice cream, make intoxicating poached fruits or freeze it to make luxuriant iced lollypops.

L'ORIENT Cherry Rose Wine 490ml Bottle with Edible Cherry

SGD 42.00

Not just the varieties of wine, there are more sakura products that can be exclusively found in-store at JW360. Here are some sweet treats that are sure to bring much joy to your hanami parties.

Nature Cherry Blossom Jelly & Kintaroame Cherry Blossom Candy 

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than with Japanese artisanal candy? Have a taste of the flowers, literally,  with the Nature Cherry Blossom Jelly (SGD 5.00). This delicious jelly contains real flower petals from the Yae Sakura tree, a speciality of Kanagawa Prefecture. Not only is it springy and refreshingly juicy, but its sweet pink colour is also sure to be a hit among ladies. The Kintaroame Cherry Blossom Candy (SGD 9.00) is also a must-have for the Cherry Blossom season. Wrapped in a cute pink package are exquisite pieces of artisanal hard candy that reveal the pretty motif of a cherry blossom flower. These traditional sweet treats are handcrafted by the expert sweet makers of Kintaro Ame since the Meiji era, and they make wonderful gifts as well.

Marusho Sakura Amazake 

This springtime edition Amazake is right on point with the cherry blossom theme. Traditionally made from fermented rice, the Marusho Sakura Amazake (SGD 12.6) has red koji powder added, which turns it into the most gorgeous milky-pink colour. Not only is it pretty to look at, but this fermented alcohol is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Deliciously creamy with natural sweetness from the rice, it can be savoured both chilled or warm.


The limited-edition Takahata Farm Sakura Jam (SGD 6.80) wonderfully captures the essence of cherry blossoms. Containing petals from the famed Yae Sakura tree, this pink jam evokes the gentle floral scent of sakura flowers in full bloom. It has the perfect amount of sweetness, enhanced with a tinge of saltiness. Dissolve this scrumptious jam in hot water to make Sakura-yu (cherry blossom tea) or use it to create sakura-themed cakes and jellies.

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