While there are many modern Japanese fusion food creations such as hamburg steak or mentaiko pasta, the classics are sometimes still the best. Read on to discover a variety of traditional Japanese flavours from “Japan In A Box”  that evoke a taste of yesteryears Japan.

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1. Matcha Milk Zenzai

Matcha Milk Zenzai
Matcha Milk Zenzai

Zenzai is a traditional type of Japanese sweet (hot, sweet soup-like dessert flavoured with azuki beans and mochi). In this Kanagawa speciality, this classic dessert is given a contemporary twist by combining matcha, fresh milk and white bean paste. The result? A delicious medley of flavours in every bite that still gives you a taste of fond memories eating this while growing up.

2. Ume Cider

Ume cider
Ume cider

Because Kanagawa is renowned for its sweet and juicy plums, it’s no wonder ume features in many local delicacies, including the popular ume cider. The ume cider has a restrained taste and is refreshingly light on the palate. Perfect on a sweltering hot day and reminiscing about having this refreshing drink at summer festivals at drinks or your most recent visit to Yukata to enjoy fireworks!

3. Tako Senbei

Tako Senbei
Tako Senbei

Octopus crackers may not sound like the most appealing snack at first but once you take a bite of this unctuous, oh-so-crispy Kanagawa speciality, you’ll be hooked. Made by coating several small octopi in flour before cooking them in a hot press, this savoury treat will definitely leave you wanting more. Relive memories of visiting your grandparents when you were younger with every bite of this savoury snack!

4. Eel Rice Topping

Eel Rice Topping
Eel rice topping.

If you ever find yourself craving a bowl of unagi rice, you no longer have to duck out to a restaurant or even order it on a food delivery app. You can simply mix this eel rice topping with freshly cooked rice for that umami hit. Made using unagi produced in Kochi and a secret sauce that includes soy sauce, mirin and fermented seasoning, this topping is a must-have in every Japanese food enthusiast’s pantry. The taste will be enough to bring back memories of celebrations you’ve had with your family, eating eel rice together after your graduation and other momentous occasions.

5. Dashi Drip Bag

Dashi drip bag
Dashi drip bag

Dashi is an integral part of Japanese cuisine, forming the base of many dishes such as miso soup, chawanmushi, ramen and many more. Its scent also reminds the Japanese of ‘home.’ Inspired by coffee drip bags, this convenient product allows you to easily prepare the dishes you need without all the salt and other additives that come with other types of dashi bought off the shelf.

6. Hojicha Tea

Hojicha Tea
Hochiha tea

What sets this particular blend of Hojicha tea apart from other types of roasted tea is that it’s 100% made with Kochi tea leaves that have gone through rigorous testing to be certified “Tosa roasted tea”. Tosa tea has a beautiful amber colour and a distinctive elegant taste that brings to mind the subtle shift in the seasons. It’s just like the tea you get that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you visit your grandparents.

Intrigued yet? The good news is, you can get all these goodies in a specially curated “Furusato” box.

Furusato: A Nostalgic Taste of Japan
From MoguShop
Furusato: A Nostalgic Taste of Japan

SGD 70

Box Contents:

1. Matcha Milk Zenzai - 200g
2. Odawara Ume Cider - 300 ml
3. Taco senbei - 70g
4. Eel Rice Mix - 160g
5. Dashi Drip Bag - 5g x 5 packs
6. Hojicha - 2g x 20

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