Parfait In A Can Craze In Japan — Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These | CoolJapan

Japanese desserts are legendary throughout the world, and this should not be debated. They are a reflection of what all desserts should aspire to be — assembled with amazing precision and beautiful on the outside, and all sorts of delicious on the inside. It’s not just the ones you find in speciality dessert restaurants — even konbini (convenience stores) in Japan whip up amazing creations at very reasonable prices (and don’t even get us started on their seasonal offerings). For those constantly on the hunt for the latest dessert craze, here’s the latest trend to sink your teeth into: parfaits in cans.

Hand holding parfait in can in busy street

The perfect dessert, now available for takeaway! With a backdrop of Nakamise Shopping Street, Asakusa.

Yes, you heard us right. As if Japanese parfaits aren’t already, er, parfait, these canned desserts by Gaku, an operator of a chain of speciality parfait and risotto restaurants in Hokkaido and Tokyo, have made their way to only one place in Tokyo: Parfaiteria Bel right next to Shibuya Mark City. Modelling after parfaits eaten at night (夜パフェ in Japanese) that first became popular in Hokkaido, Gaku had the idea to create takeaway parfait cans that were available 24/7 — which means not only can you satisfy that sweet tooth after trawling Shibuya at night, you can also have them for picnics, for enjoying a nice summer day in the park, for a road trip with get the drift. It became an instant hit and sold out quickly once word got out on social media.

The many varieties of parfaits in a can — you’re definitely spoiled for choice here!

Parfaiteria Bel does different varieties of their parfaits in cans. Their Fuwa Can sees fresh cream and chiffon cake in Blueberry, Strawberry and Citrus jam versions. There is also the Tiramisu Can that’s targeted mainly at adults (大人のティラミス缶), and of course, there’s their best-seller called the Shortcake, a perfect concoction of fresh strawberries, sponge cake and fresh cream that looks almost too pretty to eat.

Shortcake Can. Beautiful layers in a can waiting to be devoured during a beautiful day — what’s better than that? Picture taken along Sumida river.

For the purpose of a taste test, the writer naturally went to the store right when it opened, purchased the Shortcake Can and went back near his house along the Sumida river to enjoy this can of indulgence in the warm afternoon sun. Aside from the fact that it looks visually arresting on the outside (its trompe l’oeil design was apparently registered by the company), the freshness of all the layers contributes to a beautiful takeaway experience. The whipped cream was light, airy and yet fresh; the sponge cake moist and sturdy, and nearly every mouthful of shortcake had a slice of fresh strawberry. It was definitely on the sweeter side — a hot cup of black coffee would have complemented this perfectly.

Taste that combination of fresh whipped cream with juicy strawberries when you first open the can!

You can expect to spend about JPY1100 on the Shortcake, and between JPY800 and JPY900 on the other cans. A little on the expensive side, but we think that given the high quality of the ingredients used, it’s worth every penny for an experience so decadent. Parfaiteria Bel has apparently started selling their delicious cans of parfait in a vending machine right outside of their boutique in Sapporo too, so here’s hoping that this concept reaches Tokyo soon!