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Some things are bound to make heads turn — the smell of sizzling steak wafting through the air is enough to work up a person’s appetite, while the deafening sound of a supercar roaring past a busy street is almost impossible to ignore. But the most powerful form of head-turner that sends women swooning and even causing men to stop in their tracks is a confident, well-dressed man.

You see, it’s not often that we come across a man who pays as much attention to his sartorial choices as much as he does about the latest play-offs and tech gadgets. And when he does, chances are that he’s overwhelmed or a little clueless about whether he has made the right wardrobe decisions. To be fair, women too are on a never-ending quest to become more stylish and beautiful. This leaves us to rightfully conclude that no one has it all figured out, right?



Searching for style? You’re looking right at them. (Left) Mr. Kensuke Sato; (Right) Mr. Tomoyoshi Takada. (Photos from:

While most of us are still stuck in figuring out the right cut of jeans for our bodies and dealing with the men in our lives who insist that navy and turquoise are “basically the same thing”, two incredibly stylish gentlemen, Mr. Kensuke Sato and Mr. Tomoyoshi Takada, are articulate and engaging in sharing about their go-to tailors, favourite travel destinations and the latest resort wear pieces.

In short, these men are oozing with style, and they have the credentials to prove it.

Kensuke is the Co-Founder of NOMADE, a creative group based in Singapore that is actively involved in a multitude of fashion projects, from design and branding to directing events — so much so that they have become experts in connecting fast-growing fashion industries here in Southeast Asia with major fashion capitals around the world. 

As for Tomoyoshi, he's the Creative Director at COLONY CLOTHING, the group’s retail arm which designs and produces luxury resort wear pieces that artfully mix Western fashion aesthetics with Asian fashion sensibilities. Their pieces are sold at their namesake multi-label speciality store, which carries a thoughtful curation of stylish and travel-friendly pieces made for the modern, stylish executive.

Read on as we discover their secrets to achieving great style, the latest fashion items men should invest in, and more in our exclusive interview with the tastemakers themselves.

On defining your personal style

It’s easy to assume that the term 'personal' entails sticking to a specific type of dressing or a look that you favour the most. On the contrary, the key to developing your personal style is to be open-minded towards fashion. Be bold in discovering different items that work best for you and your lifestyle.

Both Kensuke and Tomoyoshi swear by these three rules: “Know your size, find out what suits you best and be unafraid to try different styles of clothing.” And if you need a second opinion, strike a conversation with the sales staff. “They often have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the styles which look the best on you,” added Tomoyoshi.

When sharing about their personal journeys in becoming the sartorial style stars that they are today, Kensuke revealed that he was just an elementary school student when he first developed an interest in fashion — more specifically, he was drawn to Nike’s high-tech sneakers and Casio G-SHOCK watches.

“I enjoyed trying out different styles of clothing so the idea of working in the fashion industry came really natural to me,” he quips. Truth be told, fashion has become his strength as much as it’s become his weakness. While he aspires to a minimalist, he just can't resist the urge when it comes to clothing. "I’ll buy it immediately if I want it," Kensuke confesses. 

As for Tomoyoshi, he’s one to wear his heart on his sleeve. He revealed: “My style of dressing reflects my personality — I am very open-minded so I’ve tried many different styles, from classic suits and vintage pieces to designer items and even streetwear. I feel that all types of fashion are powerful [in their own way] so I’m all about mixing things up.”

Tomoyoshi’s liberal style of dressing has since won him tens of thousands of fans on social media (almost 90,000 followers on Instagram, to be exact). “Social media has been great in allowing me to communicate about my thoughts and style with others. The compliments which I’ve received from my followers give me a boost of confidence. Of course, there are negative comments too but I try to think from their perspective and take their criticism positively,” Tomoyoshi revealed.

On the one fashion rule to live by

Become best friends with your tailor because the right fit is everything. Dressing yourself in clothing that’s perfectly tailored to your body is the number one rule to looking put together.

Go through your wardrobe and identify pieces that you wear the most — this typically includes your work blazers, trousers and everyday button-down shirts. Then, bring them to the tailor’s and have them altered if needed. Minor tweaks have the power in making major improvements to your overall look. Kensuke reveals that true style-conscious individuals tend to observe such details, so ensure that the sleeves and hems of your clothing are well taken care of.

As for a fool-proof outfit that would look universally flattering on any man, both agree that it’s none other than a navy suit. Add that to your shopping cart, if you haven’t.

On the top fashion woes faced by men

Men often make the mistake of purchasing clothes which do not fit their body shape — which brings us back to the importance of tailoring. Choosing a suitable tie is also a problem many men tend to face. Kensuke shared: “When this occurs, I’ll start by asking my customers about their favourite styles of dressing before suggesting a few options which they can easily pair with.”

On the latest men’s fashion trends 

Tomoyoshi reckons that pastel tones are in vogue, as with 70’s and 90’s-inspired dressing. “Key items within the streetwear and outdoor clothing category carry a 90’s mood to them. As for 70’s style dressing, I’m enjoying the return of boot-cut pants, longer-length jackets, and shirts with large collars.”

Kensuke asserted that the slim-fit look has “almost disappeared in the last few years,” and has since made way for a slightly oversized style. “The length of the jacket sleeves and pants have increased, as with the hem width of the pants. We’re talking about differences of a mere few centimetres here. It’s interesting to see how such small adjustments can make such a big difference,” he added.

On the fashion items to buy now

If you are looking to invest in a few fashion items for the season, here's Kensuke's recommendation: “A double-breasted blazer, linen pieces, and a pair of smart loafers to create a fashionable, resort style look.” 

As for the pieces that style-conscious jet-setters are buying at the moment, Kensuke shared that essentials such as COLONY CLOTHING’s hooded jackets and T-shirts are their current best-sellers. Additionally, Tomoyoshi observed that COLONY CLOTHING's Perennial Trousers have also become particularly popular due to their unique loose silhouette and functional details.

Other brands proving to be a hit amongst their customers include a pair of tassel loafers from American premium footwear brand Alden and a made-in-Naples blazer from Sacco (shown above).

In terms of their personal fashion wish lists, Tomoyoshi has his eyes on COLONY CLOTHING’s Club Lounge Jacket, as well as the brand’s Port City Jacket and matching trousers. The COLONY CLOTHING x Emmeti made-to-order suede jacket is on his style radar too. As for Kensuke, he recently indulged in a few style essentials, including a pair of George Cleverley bespoke shoes and a Camoshita shirt.

On the wardrobe classics that men should own

Tomoyoshi advised: “Own a well-tailored jacket and a pair of fine dress shoes. These two essentials are part of your business attire, but they can also be dressed down with a pair of jeans.”

Kensuke likewise says that dress shoes are a worthy investment. “Take good care of them and they can last for a long time.” Kensuke also believes that a navy jacket and a pair of grey trousers are universally fashionable items which are worth saving up for.

Rounding up the invaluable pieces of advice and insights we received from these two men, their secret to looking stylish is not so secret after all. It simply requires you to remain open-minded in trying a variety of styles and to pay a little extra attention to the details of your attire (repeat after us: visit the tailor’s). As for possessing that je ne sais quos which both men have, it all starts with feeling confident in expressing who you are.

(Cover photo from: @tomoyoshi_takada and @colony_clothing)