With the Christmas festivities just around the corner, everyone seems to be getting ready for the arrival of a better 2021. A great way to bid this unexpected year goodbye is to indulge in some good food and bask in the love of family and friends. If social distancing measures at restaurants are looking to dampen your holiday spirit, bring the feasting to your home instead!

We know that festive meal preparation can be a lot of work. Fortunately, Anzu Meat Factory, a Japanese online butcher in Singapore, delivers premium Japanese meat cuts right to your doorstep.

This established Japanese meat wholesaler in Singapore distributes some of the highest-quality beef and pork sourced from highly respectable livestock farmers in Japan and North America. They also run the renowned Japanese Tonkatsu restaurant Ginza ANZU and supply meat to many reputable F&B outlets in Japan and Singapore. Offering reasonable prices for a remarkable quality of meat, Anzu Meat Factory is passionate about providing a great experience through authentic food ingredients.

Fine Meats For A Gastronomic Indulgence

Japan is well-known for producing some of the best-quality meats in the world. This festive season, let the joy of melt-in-your-mouth Japanese beef and pork fill your stomach and heart!

Here are 3 brands of meat that have made the top cut and will please the most finicky gastronome.

Miyazaki Beef (宮崎牛 : Miyazakigyu)

Miyazaki Beef is the top quality beef brand in Japan and it only comes from Japanese Black cattle produced and fattened in Miyazaki Prefecture. Although its name is not that well-recognised among consumers globally, this three-time “Wagyu Olympics” champion is aptly served to the champion wrestler during official sumo fights and highly revered among true beef connoisseurs.

Photo form: Miyazaki Prefecture

Only meat that meets the stringent standards of Grade 4 or above makes the cut of being the best Wagyu in the world. Fine and uniformly distributed marbling, a beautiful red lustre and firm meat texture are some of the characteristics of authentic Miyazaki beef. Rich and buttery, the well-marbled fats melt decadently with a subtle meat sweetness.

MIYAZAKIGYU BOX, total 1.48kg

SGD 288.00 (worth SGD 340+)

Washu Beef (和州牛 : Washugyu)

Although Washu Beef is produced in the USA, it is a culmination of the best techniques and ingredients. A crossbreed of the famous Tajima Wagyu sires and finest Black Angus females, the high-quality Washu cattle is raised on a strict Wagyu feeding program developed by one of the most experienced Japanese Wagyu Breeder.

99% of Washu beef is graded higher than the superior USDA PRIME, which means it is the cream of the crop. Not only is the meat tantalisingly delicious, it has also never been treated with hormones and antibiotics. This all-natural breeding method results in enhanced umami flavours and an excellent amount of exquisite marbling.

WASHUGYU BOX, Total 1.41kg

SGD 188.00 (worth SGD 230+)

Mugifuji Pork (麦富士 : Mugifuji)

Reared meticulously in the pristine wilderness of Canada, Mugifuji is a very high quality pork that is produced to meet the sophisticated tastes of the Japanese consumers. The unique genetics of the Mugifuji pigs are intentionally developed to yield fattier meat with a high marbling score.

A healthy diet of top-quality wheat and grains combined with Japan’s cutting-edge breeding methods result in a highly-prized pork that is nothing short of outstanding. To ensure safe and delicious meat, no growth promoters nor animal proteins are used as well. Characterised by rosy-coloured juicy meat and delicately-sweet flavours, the fats in the Mugifuji intensify the richness of the pork without the greasiness.


SGD 88.00 (wroth SGD 110+)

If you are in a dilemma over the planning of Christmas dinners, Anzu Meat Factory has a fantastic range of Premium Meat Boxes that contain a delightful mixture of Miyazaki Beef, Washu Beef and Mugifuji Pork. Affordably priced (from $88), Anzu’s meats are quick frozen to ensure optimal freshness and vacuum-packed in convenient ready-to-cook portions. How brilliant is that!


SGD 188.00 (worth SGD 220+)

Spread Some Festive Warmth With Shabu Shabu

Holiday feasts are always a lavish affair, with gorgeous oven roasts, fancy stews and sinful desserts all making an appearance. However, a sumptuous Shabu Shabu using only the best Japanese meats will also impress your dinner guests, minus the calorie-laden guilt. Top-class beef and pork are best enjoyed unpretentiously, on its own. And, the best way to savour all its natural goodness and sweet meat juices is to cook it Shabu Shabu-style!

For those unfamiliar with Japanese hotpot, here is an authentic Japanese recipe on how to cook and enjoy Shabu Shabu.

The essence of a good Shabu Shabu lies in the quality of the meat. Anzu Meat Factory has this wonderful SHABUSHABU BOX that contains 10 exquisite types of thinly-sliced premium meats, such as the Miyazakigyu Rib Eye, Black Angus PRIME and Mugifuji Pork Belly. Ahh, all that beautiful marbling is a treat for both the eyes and the palate.


SGD 138.00 (worth SGD 160+)

Simple, luxurious and mouthwatering, we are pretty sure Shabu Shabu will warm the tummies and hearts of everyone this holiday season.