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Netflix has been beefing up its Japanese drama and movie content lately. One not to miss is a Japanese horror flick that’ll surely be enjoyable even for those who aren’t huge fans of the genre. We’re talking about Re/Member (Japanese title Karada Sagashi) featuring the ensemble cast of Kanna Hashimoto, Maika Yamamoto, Gordon Maeda, Fuju Kamio, Daigo Kotaro, and Mayu Yokota.

‘Re/Member’ Japanese Movie On Netflix

Re/Member is now streaming on Netflix.

While it may not be phenomenal like legendary Japanese horror films The Grudge and The Ring, Re/Member should be on your Netflix queue for reasons we’ll be sharing below.

Re/Member plot

Asuka (Kanna Hashimoto) is an outcast at school. One day, she started experiencing weird visions in school. After she got home, she received a number of texts from a mysterious sender only known as the ‘Red Person’. When she closed her eyes to sleep, Asuka mysteriously finds herself transported to the school chapel along with five other students: the school golden boy Takahiro (Gordon Maeda), the class president Rie (Mayu Yokota), the biker’s girlfriend Rumiko (Maika Yamamoto), the bullied Shota (Daigo Kotaro), and the constant absentee Atsushi (Fuju Kamio).

The six of them were engaged by the Red Person in a game called Body Search where they have to find the Red Person’s dismembered body parts. The Red Person hunted them down as they did so, brutally killing them in the process.

However, the day resets once the clock hits midnight. They wake up alive and well, reliving the same day over and over again until they clear their mission. Only the six of them retain their memories.

Because of their shared experience, they eventually become friends. They earn more confidence in clearing the Red Person’s game. However, as their bond grows stronger, the true twist of the game officially begins.

Reasons to watch Re/Member on Netflix

1. The plot is half-horror, half-coming-of-age

As mentioned earlier, this movie is perfect even for those who are not huge fans of scary films because it’s not just all spook and gore. Half of the film focuses on each character’s growth, showing relatable storylines like friendship, dealing with peer pressure, and being confused about one’s future.

Now, don’t get us wrong. This movie isn’t exactly flawless. The romance subplot felt hurried and the escalation of some events felt out of the blue. However, the coming-of-age narrative is able to balance the misses, allowing the film to have decent direction and storytelling from start to finish.

2. The cast’s performance is as noteworthy as their ‘visuals’

Re/Member’s cast not only serve looks but also great acting skills. From heart-tugging moments to scream-filled scenes, these young but seasoned actors add a layer of charm to this film that saves it from its minor lapses.

3. The CGI and special effects are pretty good

If you’re the type who’s easily distracted by poorly done CGI or special effects, you don’t have to worry about that in Re/Member. The CGI and effects look seamless in this film, making all the monsters, spirits, and other weird entities popping onscreen feel as real as they can get. Plus, the movie’s dark scenes are still well-lit.

Where to watch Re/Member

Got your popcorn ready? You can now stream Re/Member on Netflix.