One of the things that make the Japanese kimono stand out is the way its designs are envisioned and executed. Some are hand-stitched, some are purely dependent on the fabrics used, while others use a traditional hand-dyeing technique called Kyoto Yuzen. The last method was born 400 years ago in the Edo era (1603-1868) and is considered a “difficult and rare approach in the world.”

At present, through RITOFU, this same level of artistry is extended to functional ‘everyday items’ like card cases, sukiyas (envelope-type clutch) and more. If you want your own piece of everyday, functional kimono-inspired items, here are our picks.

Sukiya - Black

Sleek, versatile, elegant — this beautiful clutch made from 100 per cent silk is perfect for any type of outfit, occasion or mood. Despite its boxy appearance, it can accommodate your daily essentials such as your phone, key cards, wallet or even a small tablet.


Sakura Yuzen Kimono Card Case - Red

Going cashless is common now, so this cute card case dressed in a gorgeous shade of red, pink, and gold kimono silk fabric is perfect. Embellished to mimic Japan’s famous sakura (cherry blossom) season, it’s like a little piece of art you can carry in your pocket.

SGD 63.70

Pencil Case Maiko - Purple

In the era of everything digital, owning a pencil case may seem out of place. Whether or not you hoard pencil or pens, though, this eye-catching Maiko pencil case in purple is a must-have. Aside from its beautiful print it’s also designed for functionality — think outside the box and use it for your makeup, sanitiser mask and more. P.S. Stocks are limited per piece so make sure you hit that add to cart button fast!