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It’s impossible to talk about iconic Japanese pop culture characters without mentioning Sailor Moon. Up on the same rank as Hello Kitty, Super Mario, and Pokemon, Sailor Moon spawned  a global phenomenon on its own, that even people who are not into the J-culture niche can recognise her. Fast forward to more than a quarter of a decade after the debut of the 90s manga-turned-anime-turned-movie and we’re still getting exciting collaborations featuring the guardian goddess and her amazing Sailor Scouts crew — the most recent being the Sailor Moon x Colourpop makeup collection.

While it’s not the first time Sailor Moon is having an official beauty collection (with Japanese brand Creer Beaute being the first), this collaboration with the global beauty brand is the first to hit an international market. Serving full '90s vibes with its muted pastel and holographic packaging, the collection is composed of seven beauty products making us super nostalgic. And with the collection’s launch marked tomorrow 2AM in our region (20 February, 10AM PST), fangirl with us as we share our top picks from the Sailor Moon x Colourpop makeup collection below. 

The Pretty Guardian Eyeshadow Palette

Is it really a special collaboration without a great eyeshadow palette? As Colourpop's speciality, these shadows would without a doubt deliver on both pigment and longevity, which already makes it a must-have in our book. Throw in the gorgeous shade selection specifically curated for this palette — of course, as inspired by Tsukino Usagi's wardrobe — and call us head-over-heels!

Senior Features Writer Therese shares, "I especially love the colour combination in the Pretty Guardian Palette. It has a good balance of deep hues for and pretty shimmers. My fave shades are Tuxedo Rose (brick pink with faint shimmer) and Luna (purple shimmer)."

Moonlight Lip Bundle

The two lip bundles in the collection reference Tsukino Usagi's two personas: being a high school student by day and a guardian of the universe by night. For Features Writer Alyana, it's all about channelling the guardian goddess side with the Moonlight Lip Bundle as her pick. She says, "The mauve liquid lipstick looks great for every day and the lip gloss is subtle but would still look nice on the lips. As a lipstick lover, I like the combination of the two, whether worn together or alone."

Cat's Eye Pressed Powder Blush

Finally, Sailor Moon isn't the only one getting the spotlight in this collection as her trusty black cat guardian, Luna, is also featured in one of the products. This made the Cat's Eye Pressed Powder Blush the top pick of both Features Writers Em and Sheryl, the certified cat lovers of the crew.

"Both shades will help give me a healthy-looking, flushed complexion which I've been loving lately. And I'd like to think that this blush is what I need to conquer the day's challenges with confidence!" says Sheryl.

Meanwhile, Em says, "The Cat's Eye Pressed Powder Blush is perfect for those with deeper skin tones like me. With its warm rosy hue, it will give you a natural-looking pink glow. Not to mention the best part: an adorable artwork of Luna adorns the product. Isn't that totally cute?"

Catch the Sailor Moon x Colourpop makeup collection for a limited time only on the brand's official website starting tomorrow. Which of these picks also made your list?

All products featured in this article are independently selected by our writers.

(Cover photo from: @colourpopcosmetics)

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