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Japan’s cherry blossoms have inarguably become the face of spring. Their whimsicality not only lures in many travellers but has also captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts. From its feminine and delicate aesthetics to its strong association with Asian beauty practices, sakura-themed beauty products are often guaranteed as bestsellers.

Aside from its irresistible allure and fame in today’s beauty scene, is there really more to this popular Japanese flower that makes it ideal for our skincare routines? Its long history in ancient Japanese culture — and beauty practices — points to yes. Curious? Below are some of the sakura's beauty benefits.


Sakura flowers have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties through a study by a group of scientists from Guangzhou. These blossoms are said to be great for toning down nitric oxide in the skin, which is responsible for bouts of redness and irritation. We wouldn’t dive deep into the technicalities, but the experiment proved that sakura-infused products exhibited remedial properties that are great for cosmetic and skincare usage. 

If you have sensitive skin or are simply prone to a lot of redness and irritation, incorporating a sakura-infused skincare product into your routine like the spring-limited Saborino Sakura Sheet Mask SA20 is definitely ideal. This face mask, which is one of the bestsellers in Japan for claiming to be an effective toner, serum and moisturiser in one, is made even better with its cherry blossom ingredients that will definitely up the ante of your skincare routine this season with its extra soothing and rejuvenating properties. Did we mention that it’s sakura-scented, too?


Another skincare benefit of sakura is its ability to suppress toxins that speed up skin ageing. These toxins, appropriately called AGEs (advanced glycation end-products), often come from the food we eat or are by-products of daily stressors. Sakura flowers have been found by Japanese researchers to have components that can effectively combat the effects of AGEs, as well as mediate the production of collagen for cell repair and rejuvenation. This not only makes sakura skincare products great for anti-ageing, but also in addressing dull and damaged skin.

For a multi-use skincare product that uses the power of sakura as a makeup remover, a cleansing agent, a skin booster, a beauty serum, an exfoliator and a hot mask in one (yes, you read that right), why not give the limited-edition skinvill Cherry Blossom Hot Cleansing Gel a try? Formulated with four types of sakura extracts, this fan-favourite product in Japan will leave your skin looking fresh, plump, and youthful while cutting down your routine time in half.

Brightening and anti-hyperpigmentation

Sakura is also great for skin brightening and addressing hyperpigmentation. Oryza, a product manufacturing company from Japan, previously released a study on how the potency of sakura extract is similar to ascorbic acid glucoside, better known as Vitamin C. Along with its ability to help mediate collagen production, it suppresses overproduction of melanin for a brighter and less patchy skin appearance.

Looking to revive your skin from dullness and patchiness this during this period of social distancing? Shiseido's White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream, a sakura-infused tone-up product, is a great pick. This product packs the punch with its SAKURA-Bright Complex, which claims to help with dullness, dark spots and unevenness on the skin.

Now that we’ve settled the score on sakura for skincare, we bet you'll agree that seeking for cherry blossom-themed products just got a whole lot interesting. Have a piece of Japan at home whenever you do your skincare routine through these picks.

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