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Whether or not you’re into Japanese culture, you’ve surely heard of Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, Gudetama, and My Melody. And for generations spanning almost six decades, Sanrio, which started out as a small gift merchanding unit, has grown globally with the same prestige similar to its Western contender, Disney. Sanrio has been one of the most influential retail organisations in the world, with products covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more. Fast forward to present and it seems like the Sanrio hype isn’t dying down soon, with partnerships and launches steadily released.

Looking to satisfy your kawaii fix with Sanrio merch? Here are some Sanrio beauty, fashion, and lifestyle collabs that will surely have you adding to cart ASAP.

Cathy Doll x Hello Kitty 

First up on our Sanrio beauty, fashion and lifestyle collabs list is Thai brand Cathy Doll’s latest collection. Swerving away from their K-beauty-inspired aesthetic, this recent collection features Japan’s favourite girl-cat, Hello Kitty. The 17-piece curation comprises of face, brow and lip and cheek products housed in Hello Kitty-inspired colours. The pigment options for most of the products are mostly pinks and reds of varying tones and formulas, seemingly inspired by both Korean and Japanese beauty trends like Igari blush or blurred lips.

Why you need it: Not only is the packaging cute and the shades fitting for both fair and medium-deep skin tones, the price range of these products are also quite affordable at less than PHP400/~USD4 per piece.

My Melody x Kuromi x Wet n Wild 

Are you more sweet or edgy? Maybe a little bit of both? Either way, this new Wet n Wild collection featuring soft and fluffy My Melody and the grungy Kuromi delivers the best of both worlds. Consisting of two palettes with varying colour stories that mimic each characters’ vibe, four lip products, two brushes, a four-pan blush palette and a makeup bag, this collection would make any Sanrio fan giddy with excitement — it drops later this month.

Why you need it: Hello Kitty often takes the spotlight when it comes to Sanrio collabs so it’s quite a treat to get one with My Melody and Kuromi as the stars. The shade choices also divert from the usual pinks and reds we get from typical Sanrio collections so it’s definitely a must-have for makeup lovers who want to diversify their collections, all while boosting the cuteness department.

UNIQLO x Sanrio

Always on the lookout for Sanrio fashion collaborations? Look no further than UNIQLO's offering. From minimalist Hello Kitty designs to quirky Gudetama sketches, UNIQLO’s Sanrio UT collection continues to grow even up to present, making it one of the most accessible and affordable Sanrio fashion merchandises anyone can get ahold of outside Japan.

Why you need it:
It's a Japanese style and culture fused into one collection — need we even say more?

Hello Kitty x LeSportsac

If wearing Sanrio apparel isn’t enough, here’s another fashion collaboration you need to hear about: Hello Kitty x LeSportsac. This collection that launched two years ago continues to grow with more designs, from bags to wallets to cardholders and more. Complete your accessories arsenal with these picks — why not?

Why you need it
: Everyone loves a functional fashion piece so why not get a cute one to boot?

Gudetama x Polaroid

Gudetama is one of Sanrio’s fastest-rising new generation characters because of its cuteness and relatability.  Dressed in everyone's favourite lazy egg's signature yellow and white image colours, the Polaroid 600 Instant Film Camera's refurbished gadget design is given a spin while retaining its appeal inspired by cameras of yesteryears. The gadget requires no batteries, comes with automatic flash and is made complete with its own limited-edition Gudetama film pack, making it a true collectable for Gude-fans.

Why you need it: Despite today’s digital age, retro trends like film photos continue to be a hit. Whether you’re truly into photography or just starting to dip your toes into this type of memory preservation, this adorable Sanrio lifestyle collaboration is one truly worth considering.

Hello Kitty x Kikkoman 

Probably the weirdest pick in our Sanrio beauty, fashion and lifestyle collab curation, but cute nonetheless is the Hello Kitty x Kikkoman — yes, the soy sauce — collaboration. It’s definitely peculiar and would make you examine if you actually need it, but we can all agree that the bottle would look super cute in the kitchen! 

Why you need it: In case you need that extra nudge to go for it, it actually makes sense to add this one to cart. One, soy sauce is a pantry staple, and two, you can definitely repurpose the cute Hello Kitty glass bottle once all the product is gone. It’s also under USD6 so what’s not to love?

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