Want to have a brighter and poreless-looking complexion this year? You're in luck: Japanese skincare brand SENKA has released its new Perfect Whip Vit-C Poreless Glow in Singapore! The new addition to the Perfect Whip range promises to help you achieve a radiant appearance with its vitamin C-powered formula. Learn more about it below!

SENKA Perfect Whip Vit-C Poreless Glow formula and ingredients

Love being outdoors? Or perhaps commuting is part of your daily life? We don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but the daily hustle and bustle can cause your skin to look dull. But fret not! A vitamin C-rich skincare product can help you address this. In case you’re unfamiliar, vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents dark spots from forming and boosts overall skin radiance. It also has anti-ageing and rejuvenating benefits!

SENKA Perfect Whip Vit-C Poreless Glow’s hero ingredient is vitamin C-packed Japanese Yuzu extract, made from a citrus fruit that’s native to East Asia. The cleanser also beta hydroxy acid (BHA), a skincare acid that removes excess sebum and dirt that can cause acne and blackheads to form.

While it’s great at cleansing, SENKA's new facial wash contains silk cocoon essence and Double Hyaluronic Acid to help lock in moisture — no dryness here! — and improve the skin’s resilience so it retains moisture for longer periods of time. Clean, bright and supple skin? The brand says you can have it with just one wash, according to the clinical tests it conducted.

Where to buy it in Singapore

Ready to put it to the test? You can find the SENKA Perfect Whip Vit-C Poreless Glow in Singapore through Watsons, Guardian, and Welcia-BHG. It's priced at SGD10.90.

(Cover photo from: @senka_sg)

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