Here’s How To Enjoy Setouchi Stress-Free | CoolJapan

We know how exciting it is to discover a new place. But without the right planning, some things can go differently. Seeing the Setouchi area, especially during the periods of the Setouchi Trenniale, is a treat. But we say you can enjoy it even better with the help of these.

Check the art site hours

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than going to a place you’re so excited for only to know that you arrived late and can’t go in anymore. Make sure you avoid this by checking the art site’s hours. The opening hours for showcases in different locations are not the same, with Naoshima usually closed on Mondays and Inujima usually closed on Tuesdays, for example. Sometimes, tickets may also run out beforehand so making a reservation is advised.

Be aware of the ferry timings

Arriving — and leaving — on time is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want to be left by the ferry now, wouldn’t you? So make sure you plan ahead and research what time ferries come and go from the islands.

Eat and drink before exploring

There are not a lot of options for food and drinks on the islands but there will be lots of walking around. So make sure you’re prepared by taking some food with you on your trip. Have a drink with you, too, especially if you’re visiting during the summer.

Travel tips for Setouchi, Japan

Respect the space

You arrive at the place looking clean and pristine, so as a way to show respect, please make sure that you bring your trash with you home.