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Ever since the athleisure trend began, street fashion has been steadily rising to mainstream popularity. What was once a style reserved for skater boys and the hipster bunch is now a style staple for almost everyone. These days, it's even penetrated the luxury market as various heritage brands — such as Gucci and Dior — start sending streetwear pieces down the runway. That said, it's time to up your street style cred. Keep reading to discover awesome street style brands that may have flown under your radar.


Best known for their camouflage-printed pieces and quirky collaborations  —  with Barbie and DC to name a couple — A Bathing Ape or BAPE is one of the street style brands to watch out for today. As a Japanese brand based in Tokyo, you would often spot the influences of local culture in their bold designs. If you're curious how the brand got its name, it's from a Japanese saying that goes, "a bathing ape in lukewarm water" that roughly pertains to someone luxuriously spoiled and pampered, which is maybe a reference to the brand's premium pricing.


Before there were Supreme and Obey, Stüssy was the go-to. This OG streetwear brand may have gone under the radar for a bit but it's now coming back to the spotlight. Back in the 1980s, it started as a graphic tee shop that thrived with the boom of surfer culture in California. Over the years, it has slowly been adopted to streetwear and to this day remains one of the most influential brands in the industry.


Hailed as the quintessential Japanese streetwear brand, UNDERCOVER is finally getting its much-deserved recognition in the international scene. Aside from the usual graphic tees commonly offered by street style brands, designer and founder Jun Takashi also explores offering streamlined silhouettes that blur the line between street style and high fashion. It's style and comfort in one!

Carhartt WIP

Here's a fun fact: Carhartt started as a brand that designs workwear for blue-collar workers in the 1800s. Far from its origins, the brand's offshoot line Carhartt WIP (Carhartt Work In Progress) has evolved into an emerging giant in the luxury street style territory. If you're a fan of streetwear pieces that can double as cute workout clothes, then you should totally add this brand to your must-buy list.


Operating as both a retail space that houses a wide selection of streetwear labels and a stand-alone brand, Kith's unique position is its ultimate edge over others. They may be a newbie but don't underestimate them. Case in point: they just had a big collaboration with Versace, a move that cemented their place in the fashion world after working together with other big brands like Tommy Hilfiger and even Coca-Cola. Aside from their cool limited-edition items from collabs, you should also check out their sleek hoodies. 

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