Style Tips From Coco Pink Princess | CoolJapan

Some people are just born with a keen fashion sense. Case in point: Coco Pink Princess. She’s just 10 years old but she’s already wearing enviable stylish ensembles that she put together herself. Growing up, Coco would hang out at Funktique, her mum and dad’s clothing store in Harajuku — a district known for its fashionable dwellers. Her parents started Funktique when they relocated to Tokyo after the 2011 earthquake in Fukushima. Coco would play dress up and her mum would document the looks and post them on  Instagram. Soon, requests to show more of Coco Pink Princess’ outfits came by the dozen and a dedicated account for Coco was created. Now, her IG account already amassed a strong following of 628K. Impressive, right?

Coco’s looks aren’t typical. They’re eccentric with a touch of maximalism. You’ll find animal prints paired with pastels, all-neon outfits and lots of fluffy jackets. Loving this look? Here are some outfit ideas and style tips to note from Coco Pink Princess.

Elevated tee and shorts ensemble

Everybody loves a comfy tee and shorts ensemble. It’s a staple outfit that suits anyone. However, it can sometimes get boring because it’s formulaic. Coco Pink Princess shows us that you can elevate this basic look with just a few tweaks. Coco picked a red statement tee to go with plain denim shorts and selected socks with stripes that match the colour of her shirt. Then, she added layered necklaces and a statement yellow beanie to add more elements to the outfit. As a finishing touch, she got an oversized belt and styled the excess length to hang downwards instead of securing it through the belt loop — a cute twist that we’re definitely going to try.

Get the look: First, mind the colour contrast. Don’t just put together whatever tee and shorts you have in your closet. Pick pieces that are contrasting to create an interesting colour palette,  and get creative with your accessories.

A tee and a maxi look

In case you haven’t noticed, Coco Pink Princess loves her tees. In this number, Coco matched one with a maxi skirt that has a stylish slit. The tiny detail of the slit is what makes this outfit. Without it, the length of the maxi skirt could overwhelm Coco’s stature considering that her tee is also baggy. As for accessories, she did her signature “belt twist” again and wore layered necklaces. But to mix things up, she went for a tie-dye hat and eye-catching fluffy animal print sandals.

Get the look: Petite gals, take note: when going for a loose tee and maxi skirt look, make sure to find a maxi skirt with slit detail.

Pretty preppy

The ‘90s are back in a big way, and along with knee socks and claw clips, the preppy Clueless Cher-inspired outfit is also making a comeback in our wardrobes. There’s a fine line between cosplaying an iconic character and taking elements of her style and making it your own. Coco Pink Princess surely knows how to strike the right balance. Coco also amped up the preppy by incorporating a red beret hat and a cute chain belt. So many have already tried to cop Cher’s look, but we say this modernised version courtesy of Coco Pink Princess is one of a kind.

Get the look: Take Coco’s cue and adopt some elements from Cher’s outfit while tweaking parts of it to make it more current. Start by wearing a plaid skirt and knee-high socks then don a long-sleeved yellow sweater over a white polo shirt — a trend popular among the stylish bunch of today — instead of the plaid blazer.

The Gucci look

Many of us are familiar with “the Gucci look” — an amalgamation of colourful, mismatched pieces that somehow still work. Coco Pink Princess nails this look by pairing flamboyant Gucci pieces (her shirt, belt and shoes) with vintage finds (her hat and pants). But if you don’t have the budget to shop for designer items, the good news is you don’t have to strictly wear Gucci to achieve it.

Get the look: Follow Coco Pink Princess’ lead and pick a long-sleeved polo shirt with subtle floral details. Next, select wide-legged pants with a floral-fruity pattern that goes well with your top. Don’t gloss over the details: add a wide belt that matches your pants, wear a bandana over a hat and colour-tinted sunglasses. Lastly, make your footwear wacky. Coco Pink Princess wore sandals on top of silver boots but that may be too much for us not as young. We suggest going with the alternative of wearing socks with sandals. Voila! Now you look like you’re ready to hit the runway.

Dress over pants

Do you think the “dress over pants outfit” is ridiculous? This look by Coco Pink Princess will convince you otherwise. It’s very fashionable in an avant-garde way. Coco looks like she’s about to be on the FROW (coveted front row seats) of a fashion show. How to pull it off? Here are style tips from Coco Pink Princess to take note of.

Get the look: The first step is to pick a flowy ethereal-looking dress, preferably one with fringes and a floral pattern. Steer clear of a single-coloured dress or else the outfit may end up looking too much. Next, pick pants that match the shade of your dress’ pattern details. In Coco Pink Princess’ outfit, the pink pants match the pink embroidery details of her dress.

Then add a neutral-coloured blazer to make the look stand out. On its own, this outfit is already attention-grabbing but if you want to take it to the next level, you can add a matching hat and a bag with an interesting texture.

Which of these style tips from Coco Pink Princess would you apply to your looks?