Style Tips To Learn From Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon | CoolJapan

Meet Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon, your new couple goals. The sexagenarian husband and wife duo from Japan has captured the hearts of many with their stylish coordinated looks. Their outfits are super fashionable, thoughtfully picked to match each other’s ensemble, not to mention they’re also functional — a far cry from the usual cheesy couple shirts. In fact, Mr. Bon shared that they even take into consideration the feel and colour of the environment they’re going to when choosing what to wear, according to an interview with The Guardian. How fun!

Whether they’re going on a road trip or just spending a quiet weekend together, these two are always decked in fashionable looks. We definitely could pick up a thing or two from them. That said, here are some style tips to learn from Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon that you can learn and apply with your beau or bestie.

Match your base layers

What we love about Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon’s matchy-matchy looks is that they are subtle. They do wear exact matching sweaters from time to time but you’ll often catch them coordinating select elements from their ensembles such as their base layers instead of dressing up exactly like each other. Mr. Bon’s shirt sometimes matches Mrs. Pon’s dress, and Mrs. Pon’s socks are the same colour as Mr. Bon’s pants. Remember: understated twinning is key.

Coordinate shirt and skirt

When they’re not wearing jackets, Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon make sure that the former’s shirt and the latter’s skirt are coordinated. It doesn’t even have to be the same pattern. Just matching the colours already unites their looks. To establish a little individuality, both Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon add something unique to their outfits like pretty embroideries and belts. For us, it helps to settle on a palette to make dressing up easier.

Primary colours aren’t tacky

Neutral and pastel colours are more favoured picks these days. We get it. Bright yellow, blue and red can look outlandish at times. But one of the style tips to learn from Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon is that there’s no need to fear primary colours. When styled the right way, they won’t appear tacky or juvenile. What Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon do is pick pieces with pattern details like stripes to make the primary colours a little more subdued.

Polka dots are versatile

Polka dots made a comeback last year and it looks like they are staying for a while. Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon also took notice of this trend and have incorporated the pattern into their looks. If you wanna try matching polka dot outfits with your beau or bestie, take a cue from Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon and do it in reverse colours. It’s fun, understated and totally stylish.

Gingham is universally flattering

Like polka dots, gingham is also having a moment. We’re here for it and it seems like Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon are too. Aside from plaid, gingham appears to be another favourite pattern of theirs. We can’t blame them, though, it’s indeed one of those patterns that appear to be flattering for anyone.  Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon usually choose gingham as a base layer and then they top off their looks with eye-catching cardigans.

The fashion formula of this cute couple is simple but punchy and there are a lot of style tips to learn from Mr. Bon and Mrs. Pon. Which one will you be adopting?