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If you wear glasses you know how personal this accessory can be.  In fact, it might be the one thing that you use almost every waking minute.  The makeup brush might not feel as important but it certainly determines your look for the day.  Together, they can dramatically change your look.

An exciting collaboration, possibly the first of its kind, is happening from 9 February to the end of Apirl 2022, between two of Japan’s top brands in their own leagues.   

Tanaka Optical x Koyudo Collection collage

This year, power up your look with these amazing tools from Hiroshima.

Aptly entitled “The Eye of the Tiger”, it boasts an inspiring lineup, jointly hosted by Tanaka Optical and Koyudo Brush Collections. (The details of the event is at the bottom of the article)

Demonstrations of makeup techniques by Rie Miura, a Japanese makeup artist and eyewear styling tips by Kiyono Tanaka, an in-house eyewear stylist at Tanaka Optical will equip you with all the skills you need to revamp your look.

Demonstrations by professionals will also enlighten customers on the legendary craftsmanship of Koyudo’s makeup brush, acting as a window between Singapore and Hiroshima, where both Tanaka Optical and Koyudo hail from. One of the highlights of the collaboration will feature the exclusive Tanaka makeup brush, a product designed after extensive research with makeup artists, which audiences will have a chance to try on.

Kiyono Styling Service

The signature Hollywood mirrors of Tanaka Optical and personalised styling is part of the Tanaka experience.

Stepping into the modern and spacious flagship store of Tanaka Optical in Wheelock Place, it’s hard to imagine that this was created from a century-old tradition of eyewear production. Founded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1913, Tanaka Optical’s holistic approach is steeped in tradition and yet, features the revolutionary “Tanaka experience”.  I was pampered with their unique Omakase eyewear styling, aided by Tanaka Impression Analysis app (just released the day before) which analysed my features for the frames that would suit me best. The store feels more like a cosy cafe than your regular eyewear store. Fitted with Tanaka Optical’s iconic fixtures like the Hollywood mirror and cosy corners with plush couches, personalising diagnoses feel more like a chat between friends.  

Tanaka Optical styling session

The “Tanaka Experience” in Tanaka Optical is not complete without having your very own stylist curating a selection of glasses for you. 

The diagnoses by the app were further enhanced and adjusted manually by an in-house certified stylist who incorporated my habits and lifestyle choices into a curated display of 8 frames. What I loved about the service was how it was all done very subtly. She picked up hints of my character through a lively conversation about my day and picked out frames I would never have picked up for myself. Some of them ended up really surprising me! No wonder their signature personalised customer services have resulted in 99% of their customers answering that they found their favourite eyewear at Tanaka stores.

Tanaka Optical frames display

The frames in the store are a delight to browse through.

Carefully curated and organised according to styles, the frames are set on shelves that meander through the spacious store.  I especially love how they had a full-length mirror.  Just as you would need one to check how your shoes complement your outfit, a full-length mirror helps you to figure out which frames are on point with your entire look.  

Partnering with a makeup brush brand seems like an unusual choice for an eyewear company. But when you consider how they can both dramatically change your look, it makes perfect sense.  

Koyudo brushes

The exclusive set of Koyudo brushes especially designed for Tanaka Optical was created after extensive research with makeup artists.

This is where Koyudo steps in. With a similar vision and level of care in craftsmanship as Tanaka Optical, Koyudo is a perfect partner as they both represent Hiroshima in this collaboration.

One of the world’s most sought-after luxury makeup brush brands, Koyudo started as a calligraphy brush manufacturer in the Kumano region, which is the largest producer of brushes in Japan. With its decades of experience in brush-making, the company branched into crafting professional quality makeup brushes after the decline of calligraphy brushes.  It takes 10 years to be a master artisan at Koyudo and every step of brush-making is done by hand.

Evolving from the calligraphy brush, all the Kumano Makeup brush has an uncut, natural tip of the hair, which allows the user to apply makeup powder evenly. No wonder each stroke of the brush on the cheek feels luxurious. 

Koyudo brush making process

Every hair is painstakingly selected by a master artisan in Koyudo.

Fix up your look and get fresh-faced this 2022 at Tanaka Optical!  All events are free although the workshops are by invitation only.  Pre-registration is necessary and fuss-free.  Simply sign up via Whatsapp (+65 9070 8873) with the preferred slot of the event.  With pre-registration, attendees receive a special gift (“omiyage”) from Hiroshima as well as a 10% discount coupon code for a personal omakase eyewear styling session.  

Exclusive individual styling sessions start from 3PM on 14 and 15 February and are by invitation only.  Demonstrations and workshops are open to public with pre-registration and begin at 10AM on 19 February and 5 March.

(Product images from: Tanaka Optical)