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Out of all the things Terrace House is loved for — such as the hyper-realism, slow-paced courtship, relatable arguments, organic drama, and endless food porn — the housemates' fashion sense is the one that's rarely talked about. It's a shame because the show is teeming with so many style gems. Over the course of five seasons, we have seen a lot of stylish personas enter the house. What's interesting is that we also get to see them in their loungewear, and even then, they're still oh-so-chic.

It's not only the housemates who serve some seriously awesome looks. Even members of the panel, most notably model Reina Triendl a.k.a. "Tori-chan", are also true style sirens. 

With that said, let's take a deep dive and talk about the fashion at Terrace House. Keep reading as we discuss the personal style of every fashionable housemate that joined the show ever since Netflix picked it up — from Boys & Girls In The City to Tokyo 2019-2020. A fair warning: this article may contain spoilers.

Mizuki Shida: No-nonsense looks (Boys & Girls In The City)

There's a reason why Mizuki is a fan-favourite. Although she didn't have much luck in love during her stay at Terrace House, the then 22-year-old still maintained her positivity, poise and grace up until her departure from the show. This sophisticated approach to life is also reflected in the way she dresses up. On Terrace House, she often sported sleeveless muscle tops in neutral colours, no-nonsense practical bottoms like slacks and jeans — all on-brand for her as the "career woman" of the season. But we did see some hint of her daring and playful side. Yes, we're talking about that scene when she strutted in that glam black bikini back in the early episodes of the Boys & Girls In The City

Arisa Ohata: The sartorial lady (Boys & Girls In The City)

From the get-go, it was obvious that Arisa joined the show solely to promote her hats. Over time, she did become involved in several storylines including the really awkward one where she sort of turned down a date invitation by suggesting they go to Costco instead of somewhere romantic. Talk about a mood killer! Even though we were all a bit annoyed at her constant showcasing of her brand, we have to admit that her outfits are the bomb. Her style is a mix of sartorial elegance and casual practicality!

Hikaru Ota: The budding dapper (Boys & Girls In The City)

There's not much we can remember about Hikaru Ota aside from him being a cutie. As a fashion model, he's definitely one of the most fashionable male housemates to ever join Terrace House. His wardrobe is composed of stylish streetwear pieces, dapper picks and impossibly fashionable outerwear. Hikaru is essentially a walking guide on how to dress up well. 

Masako Endo: The cool gal (Boys & Girls In The City)

Masako a.k.a. Martha came into the picture only a few episodes before Boys & Girls In The City was about to wrap up, but kudos to her, she did make some waves during her short stay. First, she became one-half of the fandom's favourite couple (sadly, it's confirmed that she and Arman have already broken up). And, she served us casual, "cool girl" outfits that we'd love to copy. Her best look? Probably that unforgettable choker and off-the-shoulder top combo!

Lauren Tsai: Edgy with a twist  (Aloha State)

If Terrace House were a high school show, Lauren would be that edgy kid with a mysterious allure. She's probably one of the most introverted housemates to join the show. Unlike the others, she doesn't socialize that much. In other words, she marches to beat of her own drum. Her fashion sense is the same, it's rare to see her donning uber-trendy pieces. Her ensembles are mostly crisp, fierce, streamlined and involve the colour white. Even now that she's a bonafide celebrity, she still sticks to this aesthetic.

Yuudai Arai: The streetwear master (Opening New Doors)

Whether you love or hate Yuudai Arai, you can't deny that this kid is good at putting together awesome streetwear ensembles. Some fans of the show even tried tracking the pieces he wears just so they can recreate his outfits. Despite his commendable fashion sense, he still wasn't able to win the hearts of viewers who think he's a spoiled brat who used his parents' credit cards to buy these expensive pieces.

Mizuki Haruta: Cute & Sexy (Opening New Doors)

Mizuki Haruta is one of those girls who have mastered the art of balancing sexiness and cuteness. One day you'll see her in a cute, brightly-coloured baggy hoodie. And then the next, she'll surprise you with a daring look that showcases her curves. Either way, her outfits are always delish! 

Shion "Sean" Okamoto: Minimalistic guy next door (Opening New Doors)

It's a given that fashion models are, well, fashionable. But Sean takes his off-duty looks to the next level with his clean, minimalistic outfits. His ensembles aren't as bold as others but the charm lies in its subtle stylishness. His looks are the epitome of normcore done the right way.

Aya Matarai: The blogger look (Opening New Doors)

As someone who's pretty, fashionable and popular thanks to Terrace House, Aya Matarai has all the makings of a style influencer. Out of everyone who entered the house, she's the one who's the most updated when it comes to trends and looks the best sporting them. Her Instagram feed is full of cute outfit ideas so do check it out. 

Seina Shimabukuro: The chicest of them all (Opening New Doors)

No one can deny that Seina is the chicest of all. That scene where she drinks wine is one of the most iconic clips from Terrace House. She's the cool, sophisticated aunt you wish you had and hope you would be. All her outfits are nothing but perfection. Seriously, I dare you to find an episode where Seina looks sloppy. Even in the most awkward moments, this queen still got her outfits on fleek.

Haruka Okuyama: Simple and functional (Tokyo 2019–2020)

To many viewers, Haruka is defined by a single incident — her "brawl" with Risako. But if you look past that, you would find that she's really interesting. For one, her style is unique in a way that it doesn't fall under a single category. She owns a very functional wardrobe — polo shirts, button-down tops — that's a cross between sporty and simple which makes sense given that she does drag racing and golf. 

Risako Tanabe: Feminine and sporty (Tokyo 2019–2020)

At first, Risako came across as having a tough and boyish personality. She's into parkour, loves trying out dangerous sports such as skateboarding and, as a fitness instructor, is almost always dressed in her workout gear. But over time, we see how affectionate and feminine she actually is. "This is how I usually dress during my off-days," she says as she dons a very cute purple button-down dress over a white tee. We love how she surprised us with her multiple facets both in style and personality.

Emika Mizukoshi: The sweet, charming babe (Tokyo 2019–2020)

No matter how much she claims that she's not "kawaii", one look at her would prove otherwise. Within just a week of staying at the house, she already charmed not just her housemates but also the panel of commentators. And it's not just her sweet yet sultry disposition that caught their attention, it was also the pieces she wore. From adorable swimsuits to pretty dresses, this lady sure knows how to pick the right pieces that work for her body type and matches her personality.

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