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Tokyo immediately comes to mind when it comes to Japan travel. After all, the country's capital is known for its charm, whether that's in its history, food, fashion, beauty or pop culture. Aside from dropping by its famous hubs such as Shibuya, Harajuku, and Akihabara, why not use Tokyo as a starting point for day trips outside the bustling city? Widen your horizon with these day trips to take when in Tokyo. 


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Odaiba

Home to the world-renowned life-size Gundam statue displayed in front of DiverCity mall, Odaiba is not just for anim√© lovers to enjoy. While it's not exactly outside of Tokyo, this man-made island situated in the city's bay area is worth an entire day's visit. Start your day by checking out the futuristic architecture showcased by the Fuji TV Station and the Telecom Centre. Then take a couple of snaps by the replica of New York's Statue of Liberty. The South European-inspired Venus Port mall is perfect for some midday downtime and shopping. Lastly, watch the stunning Rainbow Bridge light up as soon as the sun sets to end the day. 


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Yokohama

Less than an hour away from Tokyo, there's Kanagawa Prefecture's Yokohama, which mirrors the capital's mix of history and city living. The breathtaking cityscape view from Minato Mirai is a nook for shopping centres, hotels, museums, and of course, onsens (in the middle of the city, yes!). Foodies will also be delighted in both the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and the Momofuku Ando Cup Noodles Museum, as well as Japan's largest Chinatown.


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Kamakura

Located just south of Tokyo, this seaside city is known for its amazing beachscapes and dozens of Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Kotoku-in Temple's bronze Great Buddha, a statue standing at 13-metres high, is its most known landmark. The city's history of being a political powerhouse in the 12th century also made it home to many grand temples, Hasedera, Hachimangu, and Hokokuji are just a few. 


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Nikko

Nikko may be farther than our previous suggestions, but we're sure you won't regret the two-and-a-half-hour ride. Most known for being the location of the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu's most decorated shrine and mausoleum, history buffs will surely have fun exploring this interesting city. Nature lovers will also love the many mountainous landscapes and bodies of water surrounding Nikko's most known nature locations and hiking trails.  


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Kawaguchiko

Day trips to Tokyo? Of course, you shouldn't miss witnessing Mt. Fuji's glorious cone-shaped visage. Kawaguchiko takes the cake. Depending on which type of train you take, the lake city can be reached within an hour or two from Shinjuku. As the most accessible out of the Fuji Five Lakes, Kawaguchiko houses many ryokans and onsens that has a stellar view of inarguably Japan's most known landmark. If you have time to spare, spend a night or two in this serene escapade. 


Best Day Trips From Tokyo - Hakone

From one Mt. Fuji viewing spot to another, Hakone is also a great destination to visit. This is especially when you have plans in mind aside from seeing the good ol' volcano. From art museums to shrines to castles and shopping districts, Hakone has it all. Make sure you also catch a ride on the Hakone Tozan Railway, Japan's oldest mountain railway, which takes you on an amazing tunnel of greens and flora at any time of year. 

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