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Since sustainable fashion is becoming more popular, you should consider shopping for vintage pieces the next time you go abroad. You never know where you’ll stumble upon a classic treasure as you roam around, taking in the sights. It’s not only sustainable to purchase investment pieces like bags, but such finds also hold a certain charm and character that only comes with time. Interested to know where to start your treasure hunt? Read on for the places to visit for shopping vintage bags in Tokyo.


Numerous floors of both new and second-hand treasures can be found within Komehyo. From jewellery to clothes to bags that range from new to well-loved, you will have a great time digging into their wide range of selections. While the newer bags can be found right on the first floor, the third floor is the treasure trove of second-hand luxury bags with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Balenciaga available. Komehyo uses a ranking system that identifies if the item on display is brand new, slightly used but in near-mint condition, to well-loved. They have a lot of stores strewn around Tokyo, so you can browse through their wide selection of genuine luxury bags.

Don Quijote

This popular drugstore is not only the home for Japanese snacks and skincare, they also have a section in their Akihabara store where they have both vintage and brand new luxury bags. Bags from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Prada are tucked away behind a glass display. You can also find luxury-brand watches and wallets in this section. If you’re a tourist and happened upon this aisle, make sure to bring your passport to claim the tax-free perk on purchases that amount to JPY5000 and above. Luxury items sold in Don Quijote are examined and certified to be authentic prior to going on display.

Amore Vintage

Amore stores can be found in Shibuya, where they house vintage clothing, accessories, and bags from beloved brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Christian Dior, and Fendi. This boutique vintage shop also has very rare finds so take your time to browse through their aisles or research their stock through their blog.

Vintage Qoo Tokyo

Vintage Qoo Tokyo

Vintage Qoo Tokyo is a well-established vintage shop found near Omotesando’s alleyways. Its white and pink interiors give a feminine, sophisticated chic vibe as you shop the rows of designer bags and shoes. Their display is proudly '80s- and '90s-centric, including some vintage furniture and interior décor. They have two other stores in Osaka and Hong Kong.

The flea market

It goes without saying that some of the best vintage finds won’t be found in-stores. If you have the time to stroll around on Sundays, some areas of Tokyo have a weekend flea market where locals sell their wares. You can score some second-hand vintage bags that hold a lot of character here.

(Cover photo from: @vintageqoo)

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