Tokyo White Brings Moistuwhite™ To The Philippines | CoolJapan

Tokyo White brings the latest Japanese skin whitening technology called Moistuwhite™ to the Philippines. In Japan, Bihaku skin (loosely translated as beautifully white skin) is not just about having a fair skin tone but also a blemish-free complexion that's smooth and plump. And while there are many ways available today to achieve a lighter skin tone, not all are created equal. Some can be drying and downright damaging to our skin. This is where the new Moistuwhite™ technology comes in.

Tokyo White

The set-up at the Tokyo White press lunch

Moistuwhite™ is a combination of natural ingredients that are developed to help women who wish to achieve the Bihaku look through the use of safe, well-researched and effective skin lightening ingredients. For their initial launch, Tokyo White introduced two premium whitening products: the Tokyo White Natural Whitening And Moisturizing Face & Body Soap and Tokyo White Natural Whitening And Moisturizing Body Lotion. Both products primarily use arbutin (derived from bearberry) and grape seed extract (blocks enzymes that breaks collagen and elastin) for its whitening and moisturising properties.

Tokyo White

Another whitening ingredient that's used for the lotion is glutathione which is known to be very effective in inhibiting pigments that can cause discolouration. Other notable ingredients that make up Moistuwhite™ are vitamin E (blocks free radicals) and vitamin C (removes dead skin cells).

Tokyo White products are now available at Watsons Philippines, Robinsons Supermarket, Merrymart, Landmark, Shopee and BeautyMNL