When it comes to Japanese fashion, two things come to mind: minimalist looks and eccentric styling. The sharp contrast between these distinct popular aesthetics is one of the things that make Japanese fashion so interesting. But did you know that there’s an in-between look, one that has the perfect balance of the two? Say hello to “mix style”.

This faction of Japanese fashion is at the heart of EDT. They’ve got a wide range of styles to choose from — bucket bags, net bags, faux crocodile wallets and more. Ahead, our top five sartorial picks from this underrated Japanese bag brand which you can get from Sift & Pick.

ED Tote Bag Leigh in Zebra
Animal prints had a moment in 2019, but it seems like the look never went away. Although it’s not as dominating as it once was, you can still see subtle hints of it pop up from time to time. One foolproof way you can incorporate animal prints into your ensemble is via a structured bag with an animal print like this box tote bag. 

The ED Tote Bag Leigh in Zebra has a sophisticated build that complements the statement animal print perfectly. This piece is more than just eye candy, it’s also very practical; you can even put a 500ml bottle inside. All in all, a nice everyday bag to spice up your daily look.

SGD 60.95

Eric Mini 2 Way Boston Bag - Croc White

Do you prefer to use bags with a sling or the old-fashioned way with a handle? No matter which you prefer, you’ll have it your way with the Eric Mini 2 Way Boston Bag in Croc White. Use the sling for days when you’re out and about and need to keep your hands free. It also has a pocket at the back of the bag, which is very convenient for safely storing things you need to take out in a jiffy like your phone or train card. 

For dressier occasions, detach the sling and use the dainty bag handle. The design itself is also versatile — a classy pearly white finish with a hint of sheen matched with an edgy faux croc texture.

SGD 88.00

ED Era Net Bag in Silver

Add instant pizzazz to your look with this eye-catching ED Era Net Bag in Silver. It’s got a one-of-a-kind design that mixes raw and polished elements — a classic drawstring purse with a net bag layer. If you like, you can just use the drawstring by itself or you can play around and pair your net bag with another bucket bag that you own. Mix and match to the next level!

SGD 108.30

Richard Wallet Bag in Croc Black

Like to keep it light? The Richard Wallet Bag in Croc Black is the piece for you. Because of its compact design, it can be used as a long wallet or pouch or as a mini bag — perfect for quick errands. It’s also going to be useful for your future trips since packing a mini bag instead of a standard size handbag will save you luggage space.

SGD 88.00

ED Mesh 3 Way Bag in Black

On the other hand, for instances when you need a single bag that can hold it all — say, during a hiking trip or a gym session — then you might prefer the ED Mesh 3 Way Bag in Black. It can hold your extra clothes, water bottle, snacks and more. You can use it as a knapsack, a shoulder tote or even as a handbag. Another thing that’s great about this bag is that it doesn’t look too casual; the pairing of mesh and synthetic leather gives it a sartorial vibe like no other.

SGD 88.00

(Photos from: Sift & Pick)