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Whether you’re into the kawaii look, cool street style, or edgy chic vibe, you’ll find all the pieces you need to create a unique ensemble at WEGO. Considered as one of Japan’s most popular retailers, the brand offers a wide range of versatile selections including trendy casual pieces, classic picks, and even swimwear. What’s more, their clothes are more affordable compared to other fashion outlets in the country. Shopping at a WEGO store is definitely a must when you visit Japan!

Want to know more? Here are fun facts about WEGO and how you can take home its pieces without travelling.

WEGO started as a thrift store

The fashion retailer had humble beginnings and started as a secondhand clothing store in August 1994. At one point, WEGO was buying about 1,800 tonnes of used clothing per year, according to their company profile.

Over the years, it has grown exponentially and has now over 160 stores in Japan, with the headquarters based in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. The brand has also begun manufacturing its own clothing. However, WEGO continues to pay homage to its roots, especially with its Re:Mix style initiative where its flagship stores in eight cities will offer vintage used clothing along with fresh original designs.

WEGO is currently headed by President and CEO Kyosuke Sonoda, who continues to lead the fashion company towards bringing more trendy designs that will delight fashion lovers.

The brand’s first branch opened in Osaka

Although the brand is heavily associated with Harajuku fashion in Shibuya, founder Masashi Nakazawa actually opened the first three WEGO stores in Osaka. It wasn’t until 1998, four years after it was founded, that WEGO opened its first branch in Tokyo in Shimokitazawa, Setagaya. And in 2003, the retailer finally built a flagship store in Harajuku.

WEGO has many brands under it

Did you know that WEGO actually has a lot of brands in its portfolio? Yes, that’s right! The company has developed other labels, also called “community labels”, to suit different styles.

One of which is PUNYUS which is developed with comedian Naomi Watanabe, whom you may have spotted on Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! The brand boasts chic, colourful designs that will surely catch the eye. It’s also known for having a wide range of sizes from “one size fits all” to 6L.

Another notable brand under WEGO is EXIEEE, which offers seasonless, unisex brands that can be used from the “cradle to the graveyard”. The brand also calls itself “anti-ageing”. No, the brand doesn’t sell wrinkle-reducing creams, it just means that all its pieces are geared toward everyone regardless of age.

The latest community label to join WEGO’s line-up is Romansual, which is produced by model slash actress Noa Tsurushima. True to its name, this brand has plenty of feminine designs that are a mix of ethereal, romantic, and chic.

It often collaborates with and features artists and celebrities

WEGO is a veteran when it comes to collaborating with artists and celebrities. It collaborated with big names in Japan such as Six Stones and popular local influencer Hauki.

The brand also recently featured an interview with up-and-coming artist Nishina and also shared images of her wearing pieces from the label.

Aside from Japanese personalities, WEGO has also collaborated with K-pop group Red Velvet for a fashion and lifestyle collection that features badges, shirts, phone cases, and more.

It also had collaborations with international brands such as Disney, with their recent Minnie Mouse collection featuring actress Hina Kagei.

You can shop its clothes online

Intrigued by designs from WEGO and want to own a piece or two? Good news! It has an online store that caters to international fans. It’s quite easy to navigate and has English text available. Another option is to buy it via third-party sites such as Buyee or local retailers like Lumine.

Which fact surprised you the most?

(Cover photo from: @wego_official)