The Perfect Spots To Have A Cherry Blossom Picnic | CoolJapan

Spring is here and it’s officially cherry blossom season in our neighbouring countries blessed with a cooler climate. A lot of these countries often have festivals dedicated for these flowers. Japan, especially, has a tradition called hanami, where they have parties and picnics beneath the sakura to appreciate its transient beauty. If you want to join in the flower viewing fun and see the delicate petals open up in bloom, you might want to visit these places around Asia on your next spring trip.


 Japan: Shingashi River, Kawagoe

Of course, Japan is number one when we’re talking about cherry blossoms. Having popularised the flowers and the tradition, the country undeniably has lots of places where visitors can watch the blooms. In particular, Kawagoe, dubbed the Little Edo near Tokyo for its old warehouses and merchant homes, has this little spot by the Shingashi River where crowds gather to watch the flowering cherry trees. During spring, you can take a boat ride down the calm waters at the back of the Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine and be in awe of the pink blossoms towering above you. 

Taiwan: Wuling Farm, Taichung City

Set in the northern valleys of Taiwan, the farm displays and overwhelming array of flowers in its land. February is the peak month for the farm, and people flock to celebrate their Cherry Blossom Festival. Many of those visitors walk along the famous Wuling Road, where you would see thousands of the mesmerising trees lined up.


South Korea: Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhae, Changwon

Enjoy the whimsical beauty of the cherry blossoms in Jinhae’s Gyeonghwa Station. Since the railway services in this station have been discontinued in 2006, visitors were free to walk through the rail tracks and admire the beauty of the petals falling from the cherry trees surrounding it. Each year in early April during the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, you can ride a slow shuttle train to further enjoy the spring.

China: Yuyuantan Park, Beijing

The local park west of central Beijing celebrates an annual Cherry Blossoms Culture Festival, where numerous guests are able to enjoy the coming of the season. In 1973, the first cherry trees sent as gifts from Japan and were planted here. Now, Yuyuantan Park has thousands of cherry trees of different varieties have been planted, so you will be greeted by a fascinating view of varying hues of pink and white florets from end of March and throughout April.


Thailand: Khun Chang Khian Agricultural Research Centre, Chiang Mai

Didn’t think you’d see delicate cherry blooms in Southeast Asia? Well, you’ve never been more wrong. The research centre, featuring a sister variety of the sakura called the Wild Himalayan Cherry, is run by the University of Chiang Mai. During the cooler climates of January to February, you can get a sneak peek of the pink wonderland in the slopes of the Doi Suthep mountain. 

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