3 Winter Light-Ups In Japan That You Can Enjoy Even After Christmas | CoolJapan

Everyone loves a good sparkly Christmas light-up and some of us cannot get enough of it. Fortunately, in Japan, there are winter illuminations that extend beyond the festive season. If you happen to be in Japan during the winter months, here are three gorgeous winter Illuminations that will take your breath away.

Trees with yellow and orange lights, ground with purple lights

A spectacular display of lights welcome visitors at Sagamiko Illumillion. (Photo: Manish Prabhune/CC BY 2.0 via Flickr)

Sagamiko Illumillion

Held at Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest in Kanagawa prefecture, the Sagamiko Illumillion is one of Japan’s biggest winter illumination events. And good news for travellers, it is just a short subway ride away from Tokyo!

This famed annual winter event is a spectacular affair. The sprawling 40,000sqm amusement park is transformed into a magical lightscape with approximately 6 million LED lights in a dazzling array of colours. There are various zones with different illumination themes, carnival rides and attractions, food stops and more.

If that is not enough to tempt you, they have a special Sailor Moon collaboration this year.

To celebrate its 13th anniversary, the Sagamiko Illumillion created a new Sailor Moon Illumination area based on the animated film “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternal”. Get whisked away to an immersive Sailor Moon world with plenty of photo spots. Don’t miss out on the 250m-long chair lift that journeys over a rainbow carpet of lights inspired by the colours of the 10 sailor warriors.

Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination

Purple lights on a park

Soak in the magic of the Wisteria flower lights at Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination. (Photo: Ashikaga Flower Park)

During springtime, people flock to Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi prefecture to view the abundance of pretty Wisteria blooms. As for winter visitors, the park has got it figured out too. Check out the annual Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination event, which features five million flower-shaped lights twinkling across the entire park.

In this fantasy garden, the lights are conceptualised to tell the story of the wisteria flower, from the blooming to when the petals fall away. Be mesmerised by the fairytale scene of lights designed to look like wisteria hanging from wooden trellises. There is also a rose garden in the hues of orange, yellow and pink, and a dreamy lilac-coloured water lily pond. All magically created from led lights of course!

The popular Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination sits at the top, having been awarded the best illumination event for six consecutive years. If you like the idea of lights and nature, this winter illumination will be a memorable experience.

Sapporo White Illumination

As temperatures plummet in Sapporo, the excitement starts buzzing in the air. The city gets ready to decorate its streets with lights for the much-anticipated Sapporo White Illumination!

Christmas Tree with lights in Sapporo Japan

Lighted trees and works of art are displayed during the Sapporo White Illumination. (Photo: Sorah Fukumori/CC BY 3.0 r)

First organised in 1981 with just 1,048 lights, that was the pioneer event that started the tradition of winter illuminations all over Japan. Since then, it has become a large-scale display of lighted art pieces that stretches along Odori Park, Ekimaedori and Minami-ichi-jo Dori.

The main highlight is at Odori Park, with six districts featuring a different theme. Although this festive exhibit ends in December, the other parts of Sapporo remain illuminated even after the New Year.

Head down to Kita 3-jo Plaza for an enchanting sight of old ginkgo trees decorated with three-colour LEDs. These historical trees come to life through music and light, created specially by sound artist Junichi Oguro. The trees lining Ekimaedori are also decked out in sparkling lights, creating the perfect ambience for a romantic evening stroll.