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Japanese beauty trends usually lean more towards a no-makeup makeup look. This is because J-beauty is all about conveying a more natural and youthful appearance, unlike Western beauty trends where it’s all about strengthening the features.

Marie Iitoyo, Hana Sugisaki, and Mio Imada wearing barely any makeup in the set of J-drama Hana Nochi Hare

Skincare has more weight than makeup in J-beauty. That’s why barely-there looks have always been the main trend, but there are also more colourful trends like Igari style or gyaru (though both are a rare occurrence in a casual setup). This goes for both TV and film as well, where actresses barely wear any (noticeable) makeup unless the role calls for it as it fits the more realistic and grounded appeal of Japanese cinematography. This also translated to photoshoots and even red carpet appearances.

Actress and model Suzu Hirose for an editorial photoshoot

Inspired? If you’re ready to swap out your current routine and hit the J-beauty route, these products are just what you need.

For a fresh base: Maquillage Dramatic Skin Sensor Base EX UV+ SPF50

J-beauty is all about a natural-looking complexion that ets one’s actual skin to peek through. That’s why something lightweight and luminous like the Maquillage Dramatic Skin Sensor Base EX UV+ is the perfect base for capturing that no-makeup makeup look. It comes in Natural, which blends into the skin like a tint and Tone Up, which is for colour correction and a bright-looking appearance.

Both are formulated with hyaluronic Acid, collagen, and other moisturising and skin-repairing components to keep your skin cared for even under makeup. And, because Japan is quite big on SPF, this also has SPF50 for that much-needed UV protection day in and out. Get it for JPY2,860/~USD26.11.

For a soft flush: Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks in Rose Tea Fleur

To give your skin a subtle and fresh pop of colour, this sheer blush from Canmake is the one to get. It has a barely-there effect that gives the cheeks a soft flush. It also doubles as a very faint highlighter, giving the skin a natural dewy look. You can also pat some colour on your lids for a monochromatic look. Have oily skin? This product is also sebum-absorbing yet hydrating, making sure that your glow isn’t just from unwanted shine. Did we mention it’s also an affordable drugstore pick at approximately JPY880/~USD8?

For wide-eyed lashes: Kate Tokyo The Lash Former mascara

Another J-beauty obsession are lashes since they give any eye look (even a bare one) an instant lift. But since we’re going for a no-makeup makeup route, a lash product that delivers a natural fanned-out look like Kate Tokyo’s The Lash Former mascara is the perfect choice. This mascara gives both volume and length with its ‘curl-memorising formula’ that works well even for those with stubborn lashes. This ensures that the lashes are curled from inside-out.

It comes in a Film variant (smudge-resistant but can easily be removed by warm water) and a WP type (waterproof and sebum resistant that requires a heavy-duty makeup remover to be taken off) to suit your preference. At MYR44.96/~USD12.04, what’s stopping you from adding to cart?

For natural-looking arches: Shiseido Brow InkTrio

As compared to Western brows that are more sculpted and sharp, J-beauty brows are all about soft and youthful-looking brows. This means only filling in the necessary gaps between your natural arches and going for a more diffused look. To achieve this, something like the Shiseido Brow InkTrio is the one you need. This product has a pencil (for precise shaping), a brow powder (for filling in the gaps between sparse brows), and a spoolie (for grooming and blending) for beautifully shaped brows. Get it for USD24.

For just-bitten lips: shu uemura rouge unlimited matte in BG954

Finish your look with shu uemura’s rouge unlimited matte in BG954, a great rosey nude MLBB that’s highly pigmented, hydrating, and smudge-resistant. Just tap on the colour on your lips if you want a blurred appearance or pack it on a bit for a more opaque, but still just-bitten appeal. You’ll never go wrong with this formula and shade, especially with the finished look you’re trying to achieve.

J-beauty is all about the subtleties, making it a great reference for more minimalist looks. If you’re ready to embrace your youthful appeal, these picks will surely make it worth your while. Take it home for PHP1,800/~USD37.

(Cover photo from: Heshan Perera via Unsplash)

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