5 Affordable Japanese Shampoos That Will Give Your Tresses The Ultimate Care | CoolJapan
Just like many J-beauty products, Japanese shampoos promise amazing results without breaking the bank. We’re talking damage repair, hydration, scalp detox, and many more, all achieved with the help of quality ingredients and high-level Japanese technology. 

affordable Japanese shampoos

Give your hair some extra love with these affordable Japanese shampoos.

Common ingredients in Japanese shampoos

Japanese shampoos are often enriched with oils and extracts sourced from natural ingredients like tsubaki (Japanese camellia), sakura (cherry blossoms), and more. Fermented ingredients are also typically found in many Japanese shampoos, all of which are rich in antioxidants and other nourishing properties for both the scalp and hair.

Ready to add them to your routine? We’ve got you covered. Ahead, affordable Japanese shampoos that will elevate your haircare regimen, stat.

1. Kose Je l’aime iP Thalasso Repair Deep Moist

This product from Je l’aime’s latest range is formulated to bring back your hair’s vibrancy and health after suffering from treatment damage, especially extreme hair colouring. It uses Thalasso iP technology which deeply penetrates the strands with hydrolysed collagen to effectively revive your hair from root to tip.

Another reason to love it: It smells absolutely amazing with its mix of bergamot and orange essential oils.

Get it at Watsons for SGD16.90 per 480ML.

2. Moist Diane Botanical Refresh Moist Shampoo

Moist Diane is one of Japan’s most popular haircare brands and for good reason. The brand has an extensive range of haircare products that suit almost any type of hair damage. This variant in particular gently but effectively deals with oil and dirt buildup on the scalp, making way for healthier hair growth. It also contains apple mint and lemongrass extract that soothes the scalp and prevents irritation and inflammation.

Another reason to love it: Moist Diane shampoos not only come in gorgeous bottles but also have refill packets that make repurchasing them more sustainable and extra affordable.

Get it at Watsons for SGD18.90 per 480ML.

3. Kracie Ichikami Smoothing Shampoo

This affordable Japanese shampoo combines wild cherry blossom, red bean, red rice, tsubaki, and more extracts to create a powerful formula that restores the hair’s natural moisture and gloss. This also prevents the hair from suffering further damage from friction and frizz, leaving it smooth and tangle-free.

Another reason to love it: This product also strengthens both the scalp and strands to lessen breakage and hair fall.

Get it at ZALORA for SGD15.90 per 480ML.

4. Lux Luminique Damage Repair Non-Silicone Shampoo

This shampoo is powered by Damascus rose and jojoba oil that boosts the hair’s natural repair system, leaving it soft, smooth, and healthier to the touch. It also protects the scalp from unwanted buildup.

Another reason to love it: This product has a nice soft scent that stimulates the senses as you lather it on, making your haircare sessions an extra relaxing experience.

Get it at Watsons for SGD16.90 per 450G.

5. Tsubaki Premium Repair Shampoo

Can we really talk about affordable Japanese shampoos and haircare without mentioning Tsubaki? This popular haircare range provides salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. The Premium Repair Shampoo helps repair the hair’s cell membrane complex to allow the strands to absorb haircare ingredients better. It also boosts the hair and scalp’s strength with the help of royal jelly, soybean protein, and camellia oil.

Another reason to love it: This Japanese shampoo also has dual amino acids that coat each strand with extra protection, sealing it with moisture and nourishment while also preventing split ends.

Get it at Watsons for SGD20.90 per 490ML.

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