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There are some makeup rules that are meant to be broken and one of those is blush placement. We’ve been taught that blushes should be applied at the apple of our cheeks or swiped along our cheekbones for a chiselled look. This is the norm we’ve accepted and we’ve never known an alternative — until a certain Momoko Ogihara showed us another way. Introducing the Momoko Makeup look.

What is the Momoko Makeup look?

Popularised by Japanese influencer Momoko Ogihara, the eponymous makeup style is all about putting on subtle blush right under the eyes and pairing it with a subtle eyeshadow look and muted lipstick. It’s similar to other popular Japanese makeup styles like Igari (also known as the drunk blush) and Byojaku. But there are key differences.

Igari uses blush generously; the brighter, the better. It’s used to mimic the way some people blush after a night of drinking called “the red face” or "Asian flush". People who are going for this look usually use very pigmented types of blush and they’re usually in cream form. On the other hand, the Momoko Makeup look usually calls for a light-coloured blush (think peaches and pinks) that’s gently applied under the eyes. It’s supposed to look subtle and barely there.

However, don’t mistake Momoko for Byojaku. Byojaku makeup’s aim is to make eyes look tired. Momoko makeup is used to give the face an uplifted, cheerful appearance that looks natural. Momoko Makeup is also different from draping which is when you use blush to contour the face. Momoko Makeup is about giving the face a hint of colour just like when you’ve just finished a workout. Now that that’s cleared up, here’s how to do the Momoko Makeup.

Step 1: To base or not to base

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Achieving a natural look is the goal of Momoko Makeup so you can totally skip the base if you like, especially these days when foundation can easily transfer to your masks. Momoko Ogihara even mentioned in one of her posts that she prefers not to wear foundation. However, if you’re more comfortable with putting on a base then go ahead. We suggest you try lightweight to sheer coverage cushion foundations which produce a more natural-looking finish than a full coverage one.

Step 2: Blush rush

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It can be argued that the Momoko way to apply blush is probably the easiest. While one may struggle to find the right spot to apply blush on or find it challenging to get the right angle, Momoko Makeup is fairly straightforward. Just swipe a little blush under the eye using the ring finger; kind of like when you’re applying eye cream. Because it’s very near the eye area, it’s important to look for a blush that’s gentle, long-lasting and will stay in place. You don’t want to irritate your eye with a loose powder blush that may easily transfer into your peepers.

Step 3: Read my eyes and lips


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To create a unified, natural-looking makeup, the colour of the blush usually matches that of the eyeshadow and lipstick. If you own a multipurpose tint that can work as a blush, eyeshadow and lipstick then that’s great. It will be easier for you to recreate the Momoko Makeup look. But what if you don’t? No problem. You can just stick to a single palette. For example, if you choose to use a pink blush, you can go for other shades that are close to pink like magenta or even coral pink. The important thing is it should stick to one colour story only.

Isn’t the Momoko Makeup super easy to do? We love how it’s perfect for days when you just want to chill at home or when you’re in a rush but still want to look refreshed.

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