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J-pop fans know Japanese singer LiSA (real name, Risa Oribe) from her countless contributions to the anime music scene. Some of her most popular works include theme songs for Angel Beats!, Fate/Zero, and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. Outside of anisongs, her singles like Crossing Field top Japan’s Oricon music charts.

But beyond her music career, LiSA is also known for her constant hair transformations. Her experimental looks add a layer of whimsicality to her engrossing music video and live performances. Curious to see which of her hairstyles we can’t get enough of? Keep scrolling to find out.

This tight-wrapped ponytail showing her pink-blue-green locks

In her recent Music Station backstage photo, LiSA is seen showing off the layers of her multi-coloured locks through a tight-wrapped ponytail. The hairstyle complemented her edgy-Franken outfit and her choice of ear cuffs quite well.

Her Rapunzel-like locks matched with purple highlights

LiSA often keeps her hair mid-length probably because it’s the best way to rock out on stage without hair flying all over the place. But we totally fell in love with this look featured in her 往け music clip for Sword Art Online. The length added a soft and ethereal vibe to her look, perfectly matching the vibe of her flowy outfit. The highlights in various shades of purple also remind us that it’s never a LiSA look without her signature bold streaks.

This red shaggy lob

Ever since we saw LiSA attend an event in Taiwan in 2018 showing off red streaks against her natural hair colour, we’ve been dying to see her go for a full-blown crimson hair colour next. That’s why we’re so glad when she finally went for a blazing red shaggy lob early this year in time for her 10th Anniversary Ladybug tour. The colour and cut really popped. Did we mention it looked even better when her hair started growing out and her roots added more dimension to the red colour of the tips? 

This loose braid featuring a beautiful camellia hairpin

LiSA rarely goes for elaborate hair accessories during her headbanging live performances. But for FNS (a Japanese music show that’s been airing since the 70s) last year, she went for this simple braid dressed with a gorgeous camellia hairpin for her performance of the ballad . The hairstyle definitely elevated the elegance of her semi-gothic tulle outfit.

'Moe' lob

While LiSA’s colourful hairstyles are always fun to witness, her full-fringed lob in her natural hair colour also has a special place in our hearts. This throwback clip from 2013 reminded us how adorable LiSA looks in this simple hairstyle that brings out her sweet smile and natural features.

We can’t wait to see which hairstyle LiSA will pull off next.

(Cover photo from: Solomon203 via Wikicommons CC by SA-4.0)

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