5 Japanese Spring-Summer 2022 Beauty Trends As Seen On Magazines | CoolJapan

Japanese beauty trends never fail to be interesting since they usually mix timeless and classic techniques with something cute and quirky. For Spring-Summer 2022, we spotted a lot of beauty looks from J-beauty magazines that we can easily recreate even in our own territories. Curious to see what these looks are? Scroll on to find out.

1. Soft coloured liner + kira kira jewels

If Euphoria-inspired festival-esque looks are too much for you to handle, this subtle take on the aesthetic from ViVi is the one for you. It’s achieved by using a coloured liner like blue or green (or any colour of your choice) for a small wing. However, instead of the wing being sharp, the liner is smoked out for a softer appeal.

The lower lashline is then lined with a shimmery liner in a lighter colour, creating a wide-eyed effect. Instead of using false lashes, mascara is simply added to finish the base of the eye look.

Once that’s done, place your kira kira (sparkling) jewels without going overboard and voilá — a nightlife-ready eye look!

2. Glossy monochrome

Dewiness never left Japanese beauty trends even when matte looks were dominating the West and some parts of the East. And it looks like it’s still here to stay for Spring-Summer 2022. Maquia recently featured this beautiful glossy monochrome makeup look that uses soft peachy tones topped with shimmer and gloss to create a sleek, clean vibe.

3. Messy fringe

The wispy fringe is another J-beauty trend that never seem to leave the spotlight. However, it recently got a slight makeover as seen on non-no, probably just to freshen things up a bit from the usual look. This twist on the hairstyle gives a more youthful and playful appeal because the fringe looks more textured and messy — in a good way. It can be achieved by slightly perming or scrunching the hair after applying a mousse or a setting product. It works well whether you decide to go for an updo, a half-do or loose locks.

4. Wet hair look

The after-shower wet hair look is another Spring-Summer 2022 J-beauty trend seen in magazines like Lee lately. This hair trend is easily achieved by setting the hair with non-greasy hair oils or tons of hair gel to keep the extra glossy appearance all day. You can also use a thin-toothed comb to perfect that clean and sleek appearance. If you’re in the mood for a fringe, don’t forget to carefully separate strands of hair into sections and also set them into place. Top it off with a stronghold hairspray — better if it has a high-shine finish — and you’re ready to strut with your runway-ready ‘do.

5. All about the nudes

Japanese beauty trends are often dominated by kawaii (cute) elements but recently, a more otona-ppoi (adult-like) aesthetic is getting attention too. This all-nude makeup look from Baila is a great example. It takes a piece from the no-makeup makeup trend but still emphasised depth on the eyes and brows using cool-toned shades. The lips, on the other hand, are dressed with an MLBB shade topped with a thin layer of gloss for a plump but still natural-looking pout.

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