Kanna Hashimoto Best Instagram Beauty Moments That Prove She’s A ‘Visual’ Icon | CoolJapan

Kanna Hashimoto, a.k.a. Japan’s ‘once in a thousand years’ idol, continuously mesmerises both local and overseas J-entertainment fans with her unparalleled beauty. The 22-year-old star gained popularity in 2013 when a candid fan photo of her went viral during a performance of her then group Rev. from DVL. Since then, she has starred in countless movies and TV shows, most of which are live-action adaptations of manga and anime references.

But this living doll isn’t just capturing our hearts through her various projects. Her Instagram, where her management posts off-shot photos of the actress, charms us just as much.

Below, we list our favourite Kanna Hashimoto Instagram beauty moments that prove why she’s a ‘visual’ icon.

Her adorable double braids

Braids, along with other hair trends, are currently dominating the J-beauty scene. That’s why it’s no surprise that Kanna is also wearing her hair like this in this kawaii (cute) off-duty Instagram photo from the behind-the-scenes of a magazine shoot. Talk about a look that captures her youthfulness well.

Her 2022 calendar cover

The East Asian entertainment scene is quite big on celebrity-themed calendars. This calendar teaser posted on her Instagram shows why hers is worth every buck for Kanna fans. While her natural look is already captivating, a dolled-up Kanna with crimped hair and blushed cheeks looks simply ethereal.

This berry-lipped look

Photos on Kanna’s Instagram where she wears a full face of makeup show a different side to her beauty. This berry-lipped look in particular shows that despite her usual cutesy look, Kanna also has an elegant and more ‘otona’ (adult) vibe to her.

Her Kaguya Shinomiya off-cam look

It’s undeniable that Kanna looks like a real-life anime girl which gives sense to her current acting portfolio. One of our favourite roles of hers is Kaguya Shinomiya from the hit series Kaguya-sama: Love Is War where she sports a middle part fringe that's signature to the character. Having a middle part hairstyle isn't exactly the easiest to pull off, but she makes it look so, so good. 

This genderbend photo

Fun fact: Kanna Hashimoto has a twin brother. For years, people wondered about Kanna’s brother since she only posts photos of them as kids but never an updated one. If you’re curious like us, then this genderbend Instagram photo would have to do. Kanna posted this as a behind-the-scenes look from one of her commercial shoots. This proves she can rock a pixie cut, too.

We can’t wait to see where Kanna’s Instagram beauty moments would go from here.

(Cover photo from: WikiCommons CC BY-SA 2.0)