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Kojic acid is an ingredient we often hear about when it comes to Japanese skincare products. It’s most known for its brightening effects but we were curious if there’s more to this ingredient than what we usually hear about it.

Where does kojic acid come from?

Kojic acid is made from several types of fungi, mostly aspergillus oryzae a.k.a. koji in Japanese, thus its name. It’s also produced when certain types of food undergo fermentation, with typical examples being Japanese sake and soy sauce.

Where does kojic acid come from

Kojic acid is a by-product of most fermentation processes like how Japanese sake is made.

Skincare benefits of kojic acid

1. Skin brightening for a more radiant appearance

Kojic acid mainly blocks the formation of tyrosine, which controls the skin’s melanin production, resulting in the skin’s lighter appearance upon continued use.

2. Anti-ageing and anti-hyperpigmentation benefits for youthful, glowing skin

Kojic acid’s anti-ageing benefit is also tied to tyrosine suppression because this allows the ingredient to deal with sun damage, scars, age spots, and other manifestations of hyperpigmentation, resulting in clearer, younger-looking skin.

3. Combats free radicals and helps in skin repair

Pollution, dirt, and other factors from our daily routines expose us to free radicals on a regular basis. Kojic acid is rich in antioxidants that combat the effects of free radicals, allowing our cells to regenerate faster and better. This results in a stronger skin barrier, faster skin repair, and fewer visible skin issues.

Kojic acid skincare benefits

Kojic acid has many skincare benefits aside from skin brightening.

4. Antibacterial benefits that are perfect for acne-prone skin

Another skin benefit to get from kojic acid is its strong antibacterial properties. Kojic acid is found to be effective in dealing with various types of common bacterial strains, including acne-causing ones. It also helps prevent itching and irritation caused by bacteria penetrating into the skin.

5. Anti-fungal properties that are great for fungi-related skin issues

Kojic acid is also effective when it comes to dealing with athlete’s foot, ringworms, and constant itchin. This is because this ingredient is found to also be beneficial when it comes to preventing and addressing skin issues that are caused by fungal infections. And while it is still advised to consult a skin expert when dealing with such concerns, using kojic acid-infused products are great for such skincare needs.

Kojic acid possible side effects

Kojic acid is good for the skin but as with any other ingredient, too much of everything can still pose potential skin issues.

Things to remember before using kojic acid

Japanese beauty products and ingredients are often known for their effectiveness yet gentleness to the skin, especially since these products usually follow a ‘minimalist routine, maximalist results’ principle. And while kojic acid still falls under this category as a highly reliable skincare ingredient, studies suggest that it must still be used with caution — not more than 1% in cosmetic formulations, to be exact — given its high level of potency.

This is because high levels of acid on the skin can cause its natural pH to be unbalanced, making it susceptible to irritation and inflammation. This also weakens the skin’s protective barrier against external stressors, leading it to be vulnerable to damage-causing factors.

Sensitivity against UV rays is also to be expected upon constant use of kojic acid-infused products. That’s why wearing sunscreen is even more needed.

Kojic acid Japanese skincare products in Singapore

Ready to include the power of kojic acid in your current skincare routine? Here are Japanese skincare products with kojic acid you can easily find in Singapore.

1. One by Kose Melanoshot White D

One by Kose Melanoshot White D

One by Kose Melanoshot White D. (guardian.com.sg)

This brightening serum uses a melanoceutial formula powered by kojic acid to brighten the skin and help address skin issues like dark spots, scars, and early signs of ageing. It also helps improve skin texture and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft upon application.

Get it at Guardian for SGD74 per 40ML.

2. LITS White Bubbling Brightening Cica Vitamin C Mask

LITS White Bubbling Brightening Cica Vitamin C Mask

LITS White Bubbling Brightening Cica Vitamin C Mask. (guardian.com.sg)

This mask combines the power of vitamin C and kojic acid to bring back the skin’s radiance, especially when it comes to dark undereyes. It also contains cica which helps soothe the skin and prevents any kind of redness or irritation from occurring.

Get it at Guardian for SGD22.90 for a pack of three sheets.

3. Tatcha The Essence Boosting Skincare Treatment

Tatcha The Essence Boosting Skincare Treatment

Tatcha The Essence Boosting Skincare Treatment. (sephora.sg)

This pick contains 100% Hadasei-3™ which combines the power of double-fermented superfoods Akita rice, Uji green tea, and Okinawa algae to create a skin-refreshing product. It helps exfoliate gently, retain moisture, and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier resulting in a lit-from-within glow.

Get it at Sephora for SGD162 per 150ML.

Are you ready to boost your skincare routine with this ingredient? We know we are!

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