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TikTok is the current go-to for a lot of beauty trends and hacks, including those related to Japanese beauty.

Japanese beauty TikTok Trends

Which J-beauty TikTok trend are you currently interested in?

J-beauty-tok or the side of TikTok that talks about Japanese beauty is filled with a lot of interesting makeup and skincare tips and tricks. There are also enviable hauls and vanity organising inspirations. But which ones should you pay attention to? Scroll on to find out.

1. Manga lashes


DIY manga lashes tutorial 🤓✨

♬ love nwantinti (ah ah ah) - CKay

Japanese manga (comic book) and anime (animated figures) characters are often drawn with very big eyes matched with lush lashes. And right now, recreating this style in real life is having its moment on TikTok. The idea is to mimic the effect of long, wispy lashes, delivering a doll-like appearance. It can be achieved by either using false lashes and placing them strategically in clumps rather than as a whole to create a wide-eyed effect. Learn how to try it for yourself here.

2. ‘Kira kira’ eyes

@s_20010827 こういうラメ本当に可愛いよね…沼だ…😵‍💫♡#キラキラ#グリッター#メイク動画#コスメ#fyp ♬ Life's Too Short (English Version) - aespa

Manga lashes aren’t the only popular eye-related Japanese beauty trend on TikTok. Japanese beauty TikTokers are also flaunting their love for ‘kira kira’ (sparkly) eyeshadow looks that are abundant with specks and glitter.

Sparkly eyeshadow isn’t exactly a new thing in J-beauty as it’s a staple for makeup looks that accompany many Japanese fashion subcultures like kogal and lolita. However, what J-beauty-tok did was zoom in on product recommendations and techniques makeup users do.

Some of the most popular techniques are: applying liquid sparkly shadow as a base before complimenting it with glitter powder shadow for maximum shine; putting the sparkly eyeshadow on the lower lashline to emphasise the eyebags for a more youthful appearance; and extending the sparkly eyeshadow beyond the crease up until the browbone for a full-blown shimmery eye look.

3. Creating a ‘Western’ nose illusion using highlighter

@fuuukochang ハイライトは三角に入れてちゅる肌に💕鼻先にものせるとイギリス人のようなちゅるん鼻に☺️#アイメイク#ふうこすめ #KATE #立体メイク ♬ Gotta Go - CHUNG HA

Western makeup often uses contouring to create the illusion of a thinner, taller nose. However, this Japanese beauty TikTok trend uses highlighter to create a similar effect. The trend suggests to use a shading powder to define the sides of your nose as well as the tip to create a slimmer appearance. Next, using your favourite highlighter, apply the product on the bridge of the nose as well as in the triangular area just below your eyes (like an undereye concealer). The results are said to give you a nice tall nose similar to that of an “Englishman’.

4. Blush all over

This Japanese beauty TikTok trend is like a combination of monochrome makeup and the igari look to create an extra ‘kawaii’ (cute) effect. The idea is to put blush on the outer corners of your eyes, your cheeks just below the undereye area, the tip of your nose, and your chin. Once you’re done, blend it, and you got yourself a pretty blushed-up look.

It’s more ideal to use a liquid or a cream blush for this technique to really pack on the pigment. However, you can also recreate it using a powder blush and just build up the colour as you go.

5. Akanuke makeup (clean makeup)

@ami.co.jp0106 私がイエベさんに激推しするCipiCipiのコスメを使ったモテメイク🥺♡このメイクしとけば絶対褒められる✌️😾😾😾LoftとかPLAZAで売ってる₍ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎私はLoftで揃えた₍ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎#うるちゅる#春メイク#垢抜けグリッター#シピシピ#CipiCipi_ad#美容#垢抜けメイク ♬ Blueming - IU

J-beauty TikTok also has its take on the ‘clean’ makeup trend under the 垢抜けメイク (akanuke meiku) tag. J-beauty makeup usually leans more towards soft reds, pinks, and peaches, but J-beauty’s clean makeup trend emphasises the use of more neutral brown shades for a more minimalist appeal. The trend also incorporates elements like shimmer eye makeup, wispy lashes, and more pronounced just-bitten lips. Think kawaii but more subdued, earth-toned, and less blush-focused.

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