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Japanese streetwear brands have a unique place in fashion. Their eclectic inspirations that mix both Western and Eastern elements, that sometimes feature pieces from niche fashion subcultures, leave a lot of room for experimentation while still banking on comfort and wearability. Thinking of building or adding a touch of J-streetwear culture to your wardrobe? Here are 5 Japanese streetwear brands to check out right now.


Wego is one of the most well-known streetwear brands in Japan and for good reason. This brand offers a wide range of styles to suit any taste, whether you like trendier pieces that take inspiration from Western runways or more artistic numbers. They also have many outlets all over Tokyo that are categorised depending on what you’re looking for. They have general stores with their more diverse fashion lines, as well as vintage- and lolita-specific outlets.


Graphic designs, chunky accessories, baggy and comfortable silhouettes, that’s Kapital for you. This brand is known for carrying a lot of boho and avant garde pieces that are perfect for those who are unafraid to boldly explore their style range. The brand, owned by father-son duo Toshikiyo Hirata and Kiro Hirata, also champions the use of traditional Japanese dyeing techniques. Kapital is also known for the indigo denim line, which they produce in Japan’s denim capital, Kojima.


Facetasm, founded by designer Hiromichi Ochiai, is all about quirky but wearable pieces that reflect Japan’s diverse street fashion culture. The silhouette of most of the brand’s pieces is maximalist and rich in texture and layers. Each new collection is distinct from the ones before it, making sure that the brand keeps evolving and is not confined into just one aesthetic. If you’re the type that loves a fashion refresh every season, Facetasm is your match.


EZUMi is a great streetwear brand to browse if you love a variety of clothing choices, from jackets to dresses. The brand's maximalist silhouettes matched with a mostly earth-toned palette evokes elegance and comfort.

RKS Ricky

RKS Ricky is a relatively new streetwear brand that mixes athleisure with logomania, two of today’s most popular streetwear trends. Most of the pieces are in black or white, giving them a unisex appeal. The brand also recently introduced a clothing line for children, as well as jewellery and lifestyle products (such as perfumes and bath bombs) that are made for both men and women. What’s unique about RKS? It never restocks items once they’re sold out.

(Cover photo from: Mike Von via Unsplash)

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