How Do Japanese Gals Get Glowing Skin? | CoolJapan

There’s no one secret to having glowing skin; it’s always a combination of many factors at play. Genes, of course, are one of the key ingredients to how Japanese gals get glowing skin. Asian skin is found to have thicker dermis with more collagen and better “photoprotective property” against harmful UV rays, which means fewer wrinkles and less sagging. But that doesn’t mean there’s no personal effort involved in how the Japanese maintain their glowing skin.

Most of them invest in skincare products and make it a point to apply them at least twice a day. There’s also their diet, which features various healthy skin-loving foods. All these combined may be the secret to how Japanese people get glowing skin. Wanna know how to achieve it for yourself? Keep reading to find out how you can adapt some of the unique skin-caring habits of the Japanese.

Add hydration lotion to your routine

Japanese skincare is big on hydration and at the heart of it is the beauty lotion. It’s not the same thick cream that you slather on your body. Instead, this type of hydrating or beauty lotion is watery in texture and rich in hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. It’s meant to be applied on the face right after cleansing to prep the skin for the next steps. But some who want to keep their skincare routine minimal prefer to use this alone as it can already be hydrating enough. There are many beauty lotions from different brands to choose from depending on your skin’s needs. Check out our guide to beauty lotions to see which one is best for you.

Don’t skip fermented skincare products

The use of fermented skincare in Japan has a long storied history which is a testament to its effectiveness. But its wide commercial use started when scientists in the 1970s noticed that sake brewers in Akita have nice, smooth hands which they attribute to years of working in the brewery. This observation eventually led them to the discovery that yeast in rice fermentation can help with skin rejuvenation. Try it for yourself! Here are some of our picks for Japanese fermented skincare products.

Apply Tsubaki oil

Tsubaki flower

(Photo from: Mak via Unsplash)

The beautiful Camellia flower is a sight to behold. However, its use goes far beyond aesthetics. The Japanese Camellia oil, also known as the Tsubaki oil, is a staple in Japanese haircare and skincare regimens because it’s rich in oleic and linoleic acids, which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Back in the day, geishas even used Tsubaki oil as both an oil cleanser and moisturiser in one. Learn more about it here.

Make matcha a staple

Matcha latte

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Matcha isn’t just a delicious drink, it’s also one of the ways the Japanese get glowing skin. This traditional drink in Japan is loaded with the antioxidant EGCG which helps skin cells rejuvenate. On top of that, matcha also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe acne. To enjoy a matcha latte drink, whisk two teaspoons of filtered matcha powder and water. In a cup, pour a glass of milk then add the whisked matcha. Stir and enjoy!

Matcha can also be used as a topical skincare. You can make homemade matcha cleanser or face scrub, matcha facial mist, matcha facial mask and matcha moisturiser. Try the skincare recipes for these here.

Try the Japanese diet

Okinawa diet guide

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The traditional Japanese diet has long captured the interest of many as it is famed for being one of the healthiest. It may also be the reason why the Japanese are known for having glowing skin because this particular diet features a lot of foods that are good for one’s complexion. This includes fatty fish like salmon which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids; these assist in keeping the skin supple. Another feature of the traditional Japanese diet is its richness in soy from natto, edamame, tofu and so on. Some studies support that soy can reduce fine wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Try the traditional Japanese diet with our guide.

Finally, it’s not just the combination of skincare and diet that contributes to the Japanese getting glowing skin. We reckon that it also has something to do with mindset. The J-Beauty philosophy of mie-nai oshareh is all about the unseen beauty and a holistic approach to life which includes sleeping well, dressing well, being more confident and at peace of yourself. Indeed, glowing skin comes from within.

(Cover photo from: Anthony Tran via Unsplash)