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So Alice In Borderland’s Tao Tsuchiya is your latest girl crush after seeing her play Yuzuha Usagi in the Netflix hit. In that case, we’re here to gush with you by going over her best beauty moments on Instagram. But first, let’s spill some facts about the 28-year-old actress that you need to know before becoming a full-fledged fan.

Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi in Alice In Borderland

Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi in Alice In Borderland. (Photo from: Netflix)

Who is Tao Tsuchiya: other roles, stage career, marriage

For those new to Japanese dramas, Alice In Borderland may be your introduction to Tao Tsuchiya. But she’s actually a seasoned J-drama and movie actress, with a long list of projects in her portfolio.

One of her most notable roles is Misao Makimachi in the world-renowned Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie franchise. She’s also played opposite fellow Alice In Borderland star Kento Yamazaki (who played the role of Ryohei Arisu) in the high-school romance movie Orange as well as the morning TV drama Mare.

Aside from being a prolific actress, Tao is also a contemporary dancer and stage performer. She’s also very athletic. Fun fact: She went through extensive training to prepare for stunt-heavy roles in both Kenshin and Borderland.

Tao welcomed 2023 announcing her marriage to Generations from EXILE TRIBE vocalist and dancer Ryota Katayose. They are also expecting their first child. The two met on the set of the 2017 film My Brother Loves Me Too Much where they played each other’s love interest.

Now that you’re all caught up, on to our list of Tao Tsuchiya best Instagram beauty moments.

1. The Usagi bob cut

Tao usually wears her hair long in real life so it was quite a transformation seeing her in a very short bob cut in Alice In Borderland. Still, the actress proved she can rock any hair length, effectively sporting the cropped hairstyle. Usagi’s signature look also includes a sporty tank top, so this hair length allows us to admire Tao’s toned shoulders every time she’s onscreen. Want to unleash your inner Usagi? Check out which short hairstyle suits you best here.

2. Textured ponytail, glowy skin, and red lips

Our second favourite beauty moment from Tao’s Instagram is this look she wore at the TOKYO Furisode Collection event in November 2022. She matched her gorgeous furisode (a traditional Japanese kimono with long, hanging sleeves that girls would wear up until they married) with a textured ponytail that added a level of elegance to the ensemble. Tao’s glowy skin, as seen in the photos, is also totally envy-worthy. Finally, the choice of red for her lips gives a nice pop of colour that complements the sophisticated appeal of the look. Take it from Tao and wear your perfect red lip with these universally flattering lippies.

3. Clean centre-parted ponytail and brownish-red lip

During Netflix’s TUDUM event where Tao and the rest of the Alice In Borderland cast promoted the series, the actress wore her hair in a sleek centre-parted ponytail and paired it with a brownish-red lip. We absolutely love this Instagram beauty moment from the actress since it gives us another inspiration for an easy yet classy look. If you want to try a nice updo on your next formal event as Tao did, here are some ideas.

4. Soft brown wing and natural blush

This list wouldn’t be complete without us including this beautiful closeup that Tao posted on her Instagram from July 2022. The look features a soft brown winged eyeliner that highlights the actress’ naturally beautiful eyes. She also wears a subtle rosy blush that adds a flush of colour to her cheeks. We’re definitely taking notes for the next time we’re in the mood for a no-makeup makeup look.

5. Au naturel

Finally, we’re here to admire Tao’s bare-faced look which also often makes an appearance on her Instagram account. When she’s not out being a total badass in her J-drama and movie roles, Tao posts candid selfies on her grid that make us green with envy for her beauty. To achieve glowy skin like Tao’s, here are some J-beauty skincare secrets we recommend you try next.

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